Cosplay Tips: Blood Splatter on Clothes

So you’re cosplaying a character with an ungodly amount of blood splattered all over them? Getting prepared for that awesome Zombie/(insert random blood character here) costume for Halloween? Instead of taking a paint brush and flicking fake blood at attire, why not try something a little bit more controlled.

1.) Buy a cheap spray bottle… Like, really, the cheapest you can find. The one I bought from Walmart was like $0.88. I would NOT use one with a fine misting though like for perfume. Just an ordinary spray bottle for cleaning.

2.) Fill the spray bottle with a little bit of Stage Blood. The kind that I used was Dark Venomous, which I think ended up looking fantastic. Most reviewers also say it should come out of fabric upon being washed, but just in case be prepared to not be able to reuse the clothing piece again for normal wear.

2.) Put some stage blood into the spray bottle after taking off the top. You don’t need a whole lot at all and a few squeezes of the bottle should be enough.

3.) Add a small amount of water. Like, the tiniest amount possible. A small small dab. This is only enough so that the stage blood will be watery enough to go through the sprayer.

4.) Shake up the bottle.

5.) Take the clothing you wish to spray and hang it on a clothes hanger.

6.) Take the whole project outdoors (if it’s not raining). If you can, hang the clothing piece up on a clothing line. If not, a good low tree branch should do nicely. While the stage blood will come off of doors, knobs, etc, you still don’t want to get anything that might have a potential of staining.

7.) Spray it on the clothes, aiming in the direction you want the spray to have come from. For instance, if something was killed in front of you, aim from the front. Keep in mind that the velocity would affect how your spray pattern would look, so research before and try to mimic the angle.

8.) I had some of the blood bead up on me and not adhere right away to the fabric, so I rubbed it in with my hands and smeared it around. Don’t worry about it looking perfect. This is supposed to look random anyhow, so the blood smears are perfect. You can also add hand prints at this stage. Don’t worry, the blood will come off fine from your hands. It might have some light staining for a few hours. Just wash your hands a few times.

6.) Do a secondary coating on top if you had to smear in the blood. It should adhere nicely to the fabric now.

7.) Leave it up to dry for an hour or two and you’re done!

Your clothing should look a lot like this now:


NOTE: There will be no Cosplay video today on my Youtube Channel so I did this post instead. I’m working on how I want to do the schedule for those videos in the future. Stay tuned!


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