Favorite Let’s Players on Youtube

Youtube does a great job of drawing people in and getting them addicted to certain channels. Let’s Players have also grown tremendously in popularity on Youtube, leading to many channels spanning many different genres of video games. Of course, each person has their own personal Let’s Players that they enjoy watching most of the time, leading to debates sometimes in the comments over who does it better.

I personally have subscribed to a number of them overtime but I have a couple of personal favorites.



How’s it going bros? My name is PEwwwDiePie!

About: Now with almost 40 Million subscribers, his own video game called PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist! and a book on the way, PewDiePie shows dominance over all of the Let’s Players in terms of popularity as his “bro army” grows ever stronger. His first videos focused almost solely on Horror games, which he played with no webcam and involved him talking softly and screaming at pretty much everything. Since then he’s evolved to playing all genres of games ranging from plat former to open world sandbox games and even his own app game. Originally from Sweden, he now resides in England with his girlfriend and fellow Youtube star, Marzia. He does invest a lot of money into charity as well, including the Charity:Water campaign to provide clean water to developing nations.

Favorite Videos: My first few videos I watched of his were Happy Wheels where he voice over the characters. But the funniest ones were of him playing the dad and son on the bike with the famous line “I don’t care!”. I watched them all in a row like a marathon. The humor in them was enough to make me smile despite having, at the time, lost a family member.

But my personal favorite videos of his were when he played scary games often, leading him to scream so loud or freak out so hard that he actually knocked over stuff. Of course, there are a limited amount of horror games, so that could explain why he doesn’t play as many now. Unfortunately, a lot of his recent videos are mostly not to my taste anymore (the language is a bit too strong for me now), leading me to fall out of watching anything outside of the series videos.

Mascots: Stefano (Amnesia), Pugs (Maya and Edgar).



*fist bump*



Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to…

About: Recently having hit 10 Million subscribers, Markiplier is currently ranked 38th on Youtube in popularity. While he made his start also doing horror video games, Markiplier has also expanded to other genres of gaming. He tends to provide a lot of exposition during the games, delving into information about the game, the makers and often giving his own personal critique of the game but mostly focuses on providing humorous commentary. Markiplier tends to thank his fans tremendously when he hits milestones and also involves the community in raising charity funds frequently, raising $75,000 during a live stream for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. Originally from Hawaii, Mark started his Youtube career while in Ohio and currently lives in California. He has dubbed himself “The King of Five Nights at Freddy’s” being one of the first few to beat the game on 20/20/20 mode.

Favorite Videos: My first videos of Markiplier were crossovers videos that he did with other Youtubers, including PewDiePie, playing Prop Hunt. At first, I tried watching some of his videos but ended up not getting too involved in them. My personal favorite videos that hooked me on his channel were his Indie Horror game playthroughs like Eerie and Train. But one of my personal favorites was Stanley Parable. Markiplier has extreme emotions ranging from being emotionally affected by a game almost to tears to raging over his inability to advance in a level.

Mascots: Tiny Box Tim (Amnesia Custom Story), Squirrels.


Enemies: The Crazed Butt-Stabber.



And so… It continues.

About: Unlike the other two previously mentioned Youtubers, Cryaotic has never shown his face, instead he is usually drawn with a white mask with circles for eyes and a line for a mouth only. Most things are unknown about him personally, which is how he likes it. Currently at just a little above 2 million subscribers, Cry nevertheless has a large fandom and is known to have done many, many collabs with other Youtubers. His calm demeanor is his trademark, as he will often talk in a soft, soothing voice. His reactions tend to be muted and calm as well, but he will delve into the character, and often respond like them as much as possible. Cry tends to focus on long games with overarching stories though he’s been known to play a lot of horror or RPG games. He often does long Twitch sessions and collabs with other people on them. It is believed that Cry still lives in Florida.

Favorite Videos: Despite the calmer demeanor that Cry has which is in stark contrast to my other favorite Let’s Players, I liked the difference in Cry’s mannerisms while playing games. He seems to delve real deep into the story as well, which I appreciate. Also, his humor is often more flat and sarcastic, which is personally something that I love. Not to mention, he plays a lot of games that other Youtubers that I watch don’t, such as Fragile Dreams: Farewell to the Moon. My first videos I watched of Cryaotic were also collabs and were with PewDiePie but my favorite ones were when he played Broken Age.

Mascots: ‘Sup Guy.

More to Come.



Top o’ the morning to yah laddies! My name is JackSepticEye and welcome back to


About: Starting out as a fan of Youtube, JackSepticEye won PewDiePie’s Shoutout Contest back in 2013, earning him a huge jump in popularity. Currently, he has over 6 million subscribers to his channel. He is known for being super energetic during his Let’s Play videos and possibly one of the loudest as well. His loudness, strong language, and Irish accent are his trademarks which earn him both recognition from fans as well as criticism from others. JackSepticEye plays a lot of Indie games including Horror, Sandbox and Platformer games. He is well known for Happy Wheels and has many levels built still specifically for him on the site. He still actively responds to comments, tumblr posts and makes “Reading Your Comments” and “Vlog” videos often. He refers to himself as “the Boss!”.

Favorite Videos: I actually just started watching JackSepticEye’s videos seriously. I had seen him in collabs, but didn’t start watching his videos until I saw posts about him on Tumblr. The first videos I watched of his were his playthrough of Until Dawn and I found his choices to be really good ones. After that, I started watching other videos of his, including his Happy Wheels playthroughs which involve him naming each of the characters.

If you liked it, punch that like button IN THE FACE. And, high fives all around. But thank you guys, and I will see you guys IN THE NEXT VIDEOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

What are you thoughts on these Let’s Players? Who are your favorite ones and why?


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