Halloween Contest: Guavaween

Guavaween is a Halloween party that takes place in Downtown Tampa, Florida in Ybor City. While in the past it had a bad reputation, they managed to change it up and bring in security. They also have a $1000 Best Overall Costume Contest. A group of friends and I decided to give it a shot, dressing up for the Best Group category and hoping we would be good enough to at least win in the category, of course. Unfortunately, this isn’t a happy story and we didn’t go home with the prize for even the category, but at least we had fun doing it!

We essentially ended up matching the theme of the event, going for an Apocalyptic version of Scooby-Doo. To explain our missing Fred, well, unfortunately… We think the zombies got to him. Like, maybe we can reattach the foot and arm we found later if we find him alive?


In our head canon:

Daphne has become leader of the group now that Fred is missing. No more splitting up is allowed.

Velma is the medic and smart one. She keeps us patched up and looking… good?

Shaggy stores supplies, responsible for making sure we never run out of food.

Fred is most likely dead, as we found both of his arms, one leg and lots of blood. Zombies?

Scooby-Doo was shrunk due to radiation in the immediate area after a fall-out.

In the future, I would not recommend cosplayers to take a leap to entering Halloween Contests, especially those that feature a large amount of drinking. Unless partying is your kind of thing, you end up experiencing a whole lot of things you’d rather not experience. If you want to maybe just come in for the portions of the contest and leave, that might be your best bet, but get prepared to sit around doing nothing for a long time.


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