No Sew Cosplay: Randall Ascot from Professor Layton


You asked and shall receive~!

Glasses: Randall is actually wearing the same glasses that I linked to for Grunkle Stan… Huh! Weird. But, anyhow, they are a pair of half-frame glasses like these ones.


Bandanna: Funnily enough, the Professor Layton wiki says that Randall Ascot is wearing… well, an ascot! Ascots are pretty small in size, however, and to me it’s pretty clear that he’s actually wearing an orange bandanna based on the shape. But I guess you could go with an ascot just for irony if you wanted!

Jacket: Randall is wearing a wine to eggplant purple blazer with a lot of buttons. Unfortunately, most blazers come with two buttons and the one that I found that I liked (pictured below) right off the bat only has one. I did find alternatives, but like this one here, they were more red than purple. Make sure you wear the blazer open.


Shirt: I knew right away that this shirt was going to be a nightmare to find, if it even existed. By some sort of miracle, I actually found a shirt that had a solid white stripe going across it. Only problem is it’s more blue than anything. Your best bet is to get a shirt that is the correct color and to use fabric paint to carefully paint over a rectangular area. To get straight lines, use a ruler or simply tape off the areas you don’t want to accidentally touch around where you are painting.


Belt: Randall is wearing a black belt with a silver buckle like this one.


Pants: I’ve seen a lot of people wearing jeans for this cosplay. It works in a lot of ways, but it really seems sort of out of place in the world of Professor Layton. I would think work pants or dress pants would seem more consistent with everything else like these ones here in the Lincoln green or silver gray colors.


Shoes: Honestly, Randall’s shoes are so stylized that it’s difficult to tell which type he is really wearing. I feel like going simple as well would work the best and still look dapper? Such as slip on dress shoes. Don’t forget that a lot of thrift stores have old dress shoes for cheap and it might be worth it to check them first. You can also check and make sure they fit with the outfit as well.


Lookin’ good!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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