Cosplay Tips: Joy from Inside Out

Hey Folks! Before the actual video comes out, I figured I’d list some helpful tips and advice for a cosplay if you are doing Joy from Inside Out.


1.) Glittery Wig: Did you know it’s possible to get glitter to stick to a wig? I had to do some digging, but discovered that you can use regular glitter like fabric glitter or any other type, hairspray a wig and then quickly sprinkle the glitter on and most of it will stick (keep in mind, glitter goes everywhere and will be on everything. Do not attempt this while wearing a wig. I got glitter in my eyes). The other method, if you for some reason do not have hairspray, would be to take spike hair gel and use that instead. It’s not what the recommendation said and some people seem to dislike using hair gel on wigs? But it works and is fine on Epic Cosplay wigs which are the kind I get.

2.) Dress Pattern: If you can’t find a pattern similar enough for a dress for Joy, use my methods from the article I posted on it here and use fabric paint. You can get fabric paint in squeeze bottle with a small tip which is perfect. Get transparent, white or preferably glittery crystal for the lines and draw them on in a spiderweb type pattern using a ruler to make straight lines. For the flowers, use regular Blue but check to make sure that the color matches. Most big craft stores like Michael’s have it where the color is drawn on something so you can color compare. Draw the lines on first, then the flowers. You can also get fabric paint in GLOW IN THE DARK, so that even if you go to a rave, Joy will glow!

For more tips and advice, stay tuned for my Cosplay video!


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