No Sew Cosplay: Aokiji from One Piece


Have you ever heard that, in the world, there are things that are best not to ask?

Beanie: Aokiji in Movie Z is wearing a slouching beanie in a greyish blue to navy color. Even though this one is slightly different, as it’s dipped dyed and darker in the front than the back, I really like this beanie here. For some reason, it looks iced to me. Of course, you can always just get a plain navy beanie.


Glasses: Unlike his typical trademark eye mask, Aokiji is instead wearing a pair of Lennon style sunglasses with a yellow tint. While these ones (top picture) don’t have quite as big of a rim to them, they work would pretty well. You could also go with mirrored ones (bottom picture), which might be closer to what Aokiji is really wearing, but they have even less of a thick rim to them.




Jacket: You might not find a long green jacket with a fur trim that is purple… Honestly, I searched for quite a long time. However, I did find this jacket here (top picture) that is pretty close to the style of the coat and I like that fur trim goes across almost exactly like Aokiji’s. I also liked this jacket (bottom picture), though you might have to get a size up or so in order to get the length (also because these come from China and are already sized smaller anyhow). I liked this second jacket because it already has a darker fur lining and buttons. It’s possible to dye fake fur as well.



Gloves: Oddly enough, Aokiji is dressed for cold weather. Shouldn’t be be immune? Well, regardless, in some scenes he is wearing a pair of purple gloves like these ones.


Bag: The bag that this Ex-Marine has is most likely a rucksack such as this one here. While it originally was pretty high in price, the price has been reduced to something extremely reasonable. I’m not sure if the color is truly lighter on the top than the bottom, but you might not find anything closer.


Shirt: Aojiki is wearing a white long-sleeve shirt with a very deep v-neck. You could either take a regular shirt with a semi-deep v-neck and cut it deeper (carefully) if you want to get super close to the style, or I also found this thermal underwear set (pictured below) that has that deep neck line. It comes with pants though.


Pants: If you don’t already have a pair of black pants, you’ll need some for this cosplay. While jeans are tempting, I would opt for a pair of black work pants instead.


Boots: Aokiji is most likely wearing a pair of cowboy style boots, based on the style at the top and the fact that they have heels to them. Typically, cowboy boots of any kind are very expensive, however. Ones like these should work relatively nicely. You probably won’t find ones with that exaggerated length for men, however. Keep in mind though that despite looking very long, the boots do not go more than halfway up his lower leg.


Scar: It’s pretty easy to find tutorials on Youtube on how to do scars. Aokiji has a huge scar on his chest near his right collar bone.

Did we do him justice? Well, the thing called “justice” changes its shape… Depending on where you stand.

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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