Writing Tips & Help: Building Muse

Writer’s block is something that, if you are a writer, you’ve probably encountered a few times.  Whether you like to refer to it as “muse” each person has creative juices that flow through them if you are producing any sort of art form. Sometimes though, it becomes difficult to pump out material, whether it is because you are feeling under the weather, something distracting is going on in your home life or just because you are uninspired. There are several ways that have been written about that work to increase muse, but the ways that I find actually work for me are…

Music: I often find that when I’m struggling to get into the mood of a character of mine, that it helps to find a theme song for them. The theme song often matches their personality with the type of genre and the tone of the music typically has to match what I’d imagine the soundtrack would be like if what I was writing were a movie or television show. Often times, music will start to lose its power, however, if you listen to a song too many times on repeat and it’s necessary to find a similar song or a new one that works for a different scenario. Fortunately, there are no shortages of songs and music out there so it’s just a matter of finding the right one. I will typically listen to the radio in order to discover new songs that might work.

This song is one that I currently use when writing for one of my main characters but it’s one of many I have for them:

Shows/Movies: While you don’t want to be too heavily influenced by other people’s works to the point of wanting to borrow too heavily from them, shows and movies can help to get the creative juices flowing. Often times, if I am really into a story, it might trigger new ideas in my mind for my story including fight scenes, dialogue or just interesting new dynamics. A lot of times, I’m more heavily influenced by shows or movies that I find were poorly done, as my brain likes to try to come up with a solution to make something better, leading too some interesting ideas. One of the shows I watched a long time ago starred Jeff Goldblum and was called Raines. The show was interesting; the plot being about him seeing “ghosts” of victims from crime scenes that he investigated. The idea was awesome, but the ghosts were just figments of his imagination and the show ended very early on. This inspired me, in part, to create my own story where the Detective starts to see real ghosts and interact with them for real, versus mere projections.

Turn Off Distractions: The thing that actually obstructs me the most nowadays is actually the internet. It’s so easy to be sucked into things happening on social media or watching videos, that it’s easy to lose track of whatever story I am working on. In fact, I’ve been in the middle of writing something and ended up watching multiple videos on Youtube. It’s a good idea to turn on some music but then close as many tabs as possible. Find an otherwise comfortable place to hole up and then start typing. I tend to be able to get more done while everyone in the house is asleep as no one is awake that could pull me away from writing. Of course, this leads me to be up late into the night writing on a post or story.

Start Typing: Sometimes, you might not be able to write awe-inspiring material or even something that is the least bit good. You should probably just type it out anyway. If you keep waiting for the perfect moment when you are inspired to build great and amazing things, you might end up waiting so long that you never accomplish a thing. Fortunately, you can almost always go back and edit something that you have written. So why not pound some stuff out and see where it takes you? Often times you could be pleasantly surprised by yourself.

Experiment: If you are stuck on a solution or just on writing in general, try just writing out a scenario and see if it sounds good the way you wrote. Keep trying things by tweaking them until you finally are satisfied with the result.

What things do you do in order to build up your muse when writing?


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