No Sew Cosplay: Kate Marsh from Life is Strange


I’m kinda over humanity today. Sorry to be a drama queen.

Jacket: The art style of Life Is Strange makes it a bit difficult for me to tell, but based on the style I’m fairly certain that Kate is wearing a black cardigan with an open front, similar to this one. Her sleeves are slightly rolled up at the elbow.


Undershirt: While Kate is wearing a white dress shirt underneath, she also has a second undershirt if you look closely. She’s wearing a tank top under her white shirt. I’m not quite sure what color it is, as some images in the planning stages seemed to have made it black but this is a horrible tank color for under a white shirt. I’d go with a tank that was white to medium grey (beige).



Necklace: Perhaps the most important piece of this outfit, you will definitely need a golden cross such as this to really be recognizable for this cosplay. This one (pictured below) may be 14k gold but it’s actually reduced in price by a good amount. If you don’t mind getting a cheaper version of the same thing, you could get this one as well, but the metal quality will be lower, obviously. Don’t go longer than 18″ though for the chain.


Bracelet: It seems a lot of people in Arcadia Bay are wearing bracelets. Kate is no exception here. She’s wearing a green bracelet that is most likely a silicone or rubber one. This one is for raising awareness for Liver Cancer too so too birds one stone?


Bag: Kate Marsh has a messenger bag or laptop bag with a thin strap similar to this one here that is dark brown in color. This piece will not make or break your cosplay though, so leaving it off the table is also an option.



Skirt: Kate is wearing a short grey mini skirt or pencil skirt. The grey is very light, similar to this skirt here.


Socks and Shoes:You’ll need a pair of regular ankle length white socks for this cosplay. As for her shoes, she’s wearing a basic pair of canvas tennis shoes like these ones either in white or very very light grey. You might want to switch out the white laces for grey or blue.




Hair: You might want to watch a tutorial video on how to do the same type of hair bun that Kate has going which is most likely a messy bun.

Even angels need angels.

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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