No Sew Cosplay: Sam from Danny Phantom


Goth Haiku: Despair without end!

Hair Tie: For Sam, you’re going to need a neon green hair tie like these ones here. It’s hard to get a hair tie just by itself, so you’ll most likely have to get a pack but at least you will have backups in case you misplace one.


Choker Collar: One of Sam’s trademark pieces is her black choker collar. A ribbon one is an option but there’s something about a leather choker that seems to fit Sam better. Besides, often times the price differences aren’t that great.


Shirt: Did someone say sleeveless crop top? Of course they did! Because that’s what Sam is wearing. While you could search for hours trying to find one with the purple circle on it that Sam has, it would probably be easier instead to simply purchase a plain shirt like this one. After that, just take an oval template and paint on with fabric paint your purple design. If you get a shirt already with Sam’s design, it won’t be the correct style. I know, I looked. Make sure that the purple of your shirt matches your leggings.


Bracelets: While you probably won’t be able to do huge black bracelets that are larger than your wrists for obvious reasons (ie them not staying on your wrists for one) you can get two bangle cuff bracelets like this one here.


Skirt: Finding the right skirt for Sam can be a bit difficult. I liked this one the most out of all the ones I saw despite being more linear. It’s also a lot longer which is closer to the length of Sam’s.


Leggings: You’re going to need some bright purple leggings for this cosplay. These ones here should do nicely.


Boots: For Sam’s boots, you’re most likely best going with military combat boots. I liked these because they have a lighter sole. Plus they are super shiny like Sam’s, which shows a lot of gleam happening off of them.


Now you’re simmering like a real goth!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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