No Sew Cosplay: Tucker from Danny Phantom


Let me consult my PDA for this one…

Hat: Honestly, I never knew what type of hat Tucker was wearing and assumed it was a backwards baseball cap. After looking at it for a while though and doing some research, most people seem to believe it’s a beret, which makes more sense. I’ve seen some pictures after googling of cosplayers with his outfit as well, and the beret seems to look the best.

Glasses: You’re going to want some fake glasses for this one if you don’t already have a pair of nerdy black glasses and get shoved into a locker frequently. The ones you are looking for have a frame just like these ones.


Shirt: Tucker wears a light yellow shirt that has long sleeves which is actually pretty surprisingly easy to find. You’re probably going to want to make sure your shirt is tucked in (get it… Tucker? I’ll stop now) though, based on the style he has going.


Backpack: You’re going to want a backpack that is grey or greyish blue. I found one that is called Brigantine Blue here (pictured below) but you could also save some money and go with plain grey especially if this is a one time thing. I think the weird shape of Tucker’s bag is just the art style, versus actually being a specific type of backpack. This is a staple for Tucker and he rarely if ever doesn’t have his bag on. Besides you can stash all kinds of useful stuff in it for the convention. Like Fenton Thermoses…


Belt: You’re going to want to have a black belt with a silver metal clasp. Most of the time, the military style canvas belts like these ones will be cheaper than any leather or faux leather versions. Either should do the trick, really.


Pants: I have no clue how this could be done wrong, but a lot of cosplays I’ve seen of Tucker have the wrong pants entirely. While sometimes this doesn’t break a cosplay, it’s really noticeable when you compare the two… Your best bet is to definitely make sure you’re getting green cargo shorts for this. Preferably long ones such as these pair or even longer. You can’t really see Tucker’s legs after all. I’d still get shorts versus pants, however, as pants don’t flare the same way that Tucker’s do.


Shoes: Since you’re going with shorts, to make your legs look shorter then make sure to get longer boots for this cosplay. Tucker is wearing a pair of brown lace up boots like these.


Now you’re off to do some Ghost Hunting with Danny, right?!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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