No Sew Cosplay: Detective Conan


Glasses: Conan is wearing his now trademark pair of half rim glasses with a round frame just like these ones. You can also see how they will fit based on the dummy image. Good thing it wasn’t a black silhouette… Also, these glasses won’t be able to track sensors or zoom in on things. You’ll need a wacky Professor to fix that?


Bow-tie: Even more trademark than Conan’s glasses is his bow tie. While you might not be able to change your voice with this one, this bow tie here is the right color and style.


Jacket: Wow! An ordinary piece of clothing? Conan… Why don’t you have the Professor make your jacket a thermal sensor or an inflatable raft? Jeez. Get on that. This ordinary jacket should be exactly the same as Conan’s except for the button. Just go in with some acrylic paint to fix that real fast.


Suspenders: An optional portion of this cosplay, Conan is technically wearing a pair of grey suspenders under his jacket. These ones don’t stretch or contract more than your pants though… Sorry.


Shirt: A white undershirt is a staple for your wardrobe. If you don’t already have one of these in your closet, one just like this should do.

Shorts: There is definitely some color variation for Conan’s shorts, but I’m fairly certain based on the recent art that they are grey shorts just like these ones. You shouldn’t go too short that you make yourself look like a grown adult trying to look like  a kid though. Get a size you’re relatively comfortable in but is fairly wide. If you went the suspenders route they won’t fall down anyhow.


Socks & Shoes: Conan always sports a pair of red Chuck Taylor style converse shoes. Though his school uniform might be dropped, he almost always has these shoes on due to the fact that Professor Agasa has modified these with a super kick. These ones…. Can’t do that. Are you sensing a theme here of ordinary? You’ll need to add some socks to that with length so you can bunch them down toward the shoe as well.



Toilet! Toilet! I have to use the toilet!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave your wish below and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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