Christmas Count Down: Day 40

I figured to get into the spirit of things I’d do a little count down to Christmas. Often times lately, I have a hard time getting into the spirit so I figured this might help me out while also showing you guys some cool things I’ve stumbled across that someone might enjoy as a present. After all, the spirit of the Christmas season is in giving, not receiving, right? I’m totally not putting together my own wish list *coughs*. U-uh, moving on.

The first thing I found was an Adventure Time Monopoly set! Mathematical!


The board is fashioned with different properties all modeled off of the Land of Ooo including Finn and Jake’s tree house, Lumpy Space Princess’ Hobo Camp and Candy Kingdom. Algabraic!


In addition, the traditional tokens have been changed up, with 6 new Adventure Time models including Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum. What the lump!


I really actually want this for Christmas now!


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