5 Reasons Cosplaying is Fun

Over the Garden Wall How to Cosplay as Wirt

Sometimes I wonder why I enjoy cosplaying so much… Or why I have become so fascinated with it. I guess at the core, these 5 reasons explain my feelings behind cosplay and why it’s become such a big hobby for me so quickly.

1.) Tribute: In a way, cosplaying to me is like paying tribute to the creators of the source material, be that an anime, comic book, TV show, etc. You clearly enjoyed the work enough that you want to copy one of the characters for a moment. I am not willing to cosplay a character that I don’t like or from a source material that I don’t know. I mean, it’s pretty flattering, I’m sure to see your characters walking around (or at least nerds dressed like them) momentarily in real life.

2.) Opens up Dialogue: Sometimes it’s hard to strike up a conversation with a random stranger. Cosplaying at a convention opens this up. Not only are people willing to approach you but also willing to ask questions or take photos with you. In a way, it’s stroking your ego… But mostly, to me at least, it’s giving you an opportunity to meet someone in real life that enjoys a show that you like as well. I usually don’t shout “NICE OUTFIT” at someone on the sidewalk lest I be carted to the funny farm. This also attaches heavily to making other people happy. I love seeing people’s faces when they recognize the cosplay, particularly children and seeing them get excited about the outfit and the character.

3.) Role-Playing: For a moment, you get to step outside the confines of just being yourself and leave the real world behind for a moment. People don’t judge as harshly on a convention floor and you can see all manner of individuals embracing things that they love. No one will judge you or stare at you weird for saying that you’re an avid Spider-Man fan when Spidey just walked out of the Men’s Restroom a second ago behind you.

4.) Seeing It Come Together: To me, cosplaying is often me purchasing items rather than sewing. Not that I can’t sew but I just choose to see if I can work it out without having to spend all the time slaving over a sewing machine. So, seeing items come sometimes from far oversees to my front door, opening them and then piecing it bit by bit together and then adding makeup and finishing touches is like putting a puzzle together. Sometimes you aren’t positive it will come together the way you imagined and sometimes last minute crunch adjustments have to be made. But, it’s exciting when you get that finished cosplay, go to a convention and have people’s faces light up with recognition.

5.) Friendships: Going to a convention by yourself is okay, for sure. I’ve done it a few times. But going with friends? Heck, that opens up a realm of amazing especially if you are all cosplaying. Cosplay groups are my absolute favorite as well. It also connects to role-playing, depending on your group, as you can each act in character around each other for added hilarity. My friend dressed as GoGo from Big Hero 6 saying, “Welcome to the Nerd Convention,” still cracks me up when I think back on our first con as that group.

Do you cosplay? If so, what are some of YOUR reasons for cosplaying?



4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Cosplaying is Fun

  1. My favorite thing about cosplay is figuring out how to do it. Sometimes if I’ve figured out the details of how to make/build something, I never finish it because it’s like I’ve done all the fun stuff. It’s a real difficulty for me to make that final push to assemble all the components after I’ve done all the calculations. I’m having that problem now with The Stranger from Until Dawn: I’ve figured out how to make his flamethrower, but now I have to actually move ahead with the construction, I’ve stalled. Luckily my daughter is pushing me to complete it, so I think I’ll get it done eventually.

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    • Yes! I love how you worded this. I just went to a panel at MegaFanDays in Orlando that talked about how this group of Star Wars fans put together large props from the movies. It’s amazing all of the pieces that they find just from Home Depot or a hardware store. You can tell all the hours of just finding pieces in the store were the best parts for them because they got so excited about telling us how they found each piece. It’s amazing what you can do with PVC pipe, wood and bubble wrap, haha! I’d love to see the finished Flamethrower! Now you have myself and your daughter pushing you to finish it! XD


  2. Interesting you brought up PVC pipe, as that is the main component in the flamethrower. I was stumped as to what to make the tanks out of, then I saw a video showing how little heat is necessary to bend PVC pipe, so I figured out that with my knowledge of geometry, and some judicious cutting and bending, I can make the whole thing with varoious bits of PVC pipe. When I finally get it done, I’ll be sure to post a link on your “The Stranger” cosplay page.

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    • Ooo, yeah, they were also saying that there is PVC pipe glue? It actually melts the plastic in the pipe and melds things together. Pretty awesome! But maybe the canisters could be made with discarded tanks? I’m not sure if that would make it too heavy though. @__@ Please do! I’m sure if you did a video also it would get a lot of views!


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