No Sew Cosplay: Kaito Kid 1412

Detective Conan Kaito Kid Full Body


Hat: Kaito is wearing a ridiculously tall white stovepipe hat which you can actually find for sale. Typically they are advertised as being for costume parties or for fun outdoor celebrations. You will need to get some blue ribbon to tie around the base as well. You won’t need to sew this, as Kaito has his tied into a bow on the side.


Monocle: You can actually find this piece online as well. Though it’s really actually a toy, this would work well enough for a cosplay though the reviews are slightly mixed. You could also make one out of modeling clay  and cord as this DeviantArtist did, which is super cool! I’m sure you could model it around a clear round lens as well. I could not find any videos on how to make this piece though. =(


Cape: Unfortunately, while you can purchase a normal white cape, I don’t think you can find one like the cape that Kaito wears as his has special attachments to his blazer. Since this was a request, I decided to at least tackle what I could actually find.

Blazer: A white suit may end up being expensive, but you can always get a blazer separately from the pants. One like this should work!


Tie: Kaito is wearing a regular red tie but I think you are best getting a satin one just to add a bit of class to it. This one has good reviews and is reduced in price at the time of this posting.


Undershirt: Kaito Kid is wearing a royal blue dress shirt just like this one here (though it currently has no reviews).


Gloves: Easy enough to find, you’ll need a pair of white gloves like these pair.


Pants: White dress pants will complete your suit. Just make sure you are getting dress pants. Running around with white jeans is a no-no.


Shoes: Typically I would suggest going to a thrift store first to see if you can find dress shoes, but white shoes might be a bit difficult to find. If you have trouble finding any, then a pair like these should work out perfectly.


See you later. Maybe next time we can meet under the moonlight.

<3 Kaito Kid kaitokidsig

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave your wish below and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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