No Sew Cosplay: Frisk from Undertale


Seeing this post… Fills you with determination.

Necklace: I found this awesome pixel heart necklace on Ebay… Though it would be an optional piece, this would add another layer to the cosplay and hopefully increase your determination… And your ability to be recognized. This necklace is actually two necklaces, however, they can be worn by one person. It can also be broken in two, like Frisk’s heart when he reaches a Game Over.



Shirt: It’s hard to tell what Frisk is actually wearing. To me, they actually looks like they are wearing a pair of overalls. However, most fanart on Tumblr and elsewhere suggest that they are wearing a sweater. My suggestion is to get a bright blue sweater like this one (top picture), then take some fabric or acrylic paint and carefully create two large hot pink stripes going across. Make sure to use tape to block off areas you don’t want to paint! Alternatively you could get a shirt that already has stripes such as this one or this one (bottom picture). There’s no rule that more than two stripes is wrong but I’d go with the sweater option. EDIT: That first sweater is sold out now it looks like but this one is very similar!



Knife: If you keep going on like this… You’re gonna have a bad time.

Pants: Frisk is wearing a pair of shorts most likely… Or that is usually how they depicted in fanart. Though the picture on the kickstarter actually has them in pants (I prefer the shorts). Regardless of which top option you go with, you want your shorts or pants to pretty much be the same color scheme blue. For the sweater, I would go a bit darker just to be safe. You could probably get away with using jean shorts as well, but most cosplayers I saw online looked better in the dark solid shorts.


Shoes: There’s a huge range of different interpretations for Frisk’s shoes. However, my ultimate favorite is when artists depict them wearing brown boots, particularly ankle boots. This seems to be the closest to their pixel feet and looks the best with the rest of the outfit, in my opinion. Also they sloshes around in garbage water and stuff, so I’d imagine any other shoes would be horrible for his adventures. You could probably also find some awesome boots like these at a thrift store.


There are numerous ways to cosplay Frisk, however, so be creative and just have fun with it! And let the fact that the mouse one day might reach the cheese stuck to the table fill you with determination.

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave your wish below and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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