No Sew Cosplay: Owen from Jurassic World


Evacuate the Island!

Vest: If you’re going as Owen, you’re going to need his trademark brown safari vest. Most of the ones I found were either actual leather, which cost a pretty penny, or marked up since they were labeled “Jurassic World” vests. You can find ones from different sellers on Amazon though that aren’t extremely expensive. Just make sure to check reviews first!


Undershirt: Owen is wearing a light grey or a blue work shirt (depending on which portion of the movie) like this one (top image) or this one here (bottom image). You’re going to want to make sure that you roll up your sleeves!



Watch: A normal black watch will do for this cosplay! I should note though, that Owen is definitely not wearing a digital watch based on images that I have seen from the movie. He wears his watch with the face on the palm side of his wrist!



Belt: A regular brown belt is what you need for this cosplay. Fortunately, these are easy to find! If you don’t already have one, try to aim for a lower priced one to keep the cost of the cosplay down as much as possible. However, bare in mind that Owen’s has a golden buckle and is very worn. Owen also has a leather knife sheath in the back. Upon research, I found a site that claims to be the official makers of the sheath and that they are selling replicas. These are extremely expensive, however. I would go with a knock off or an old one on Ebay. Make sure any fake knives you make or purchase to go with it, however, meet convention standards.



Pants: Some dark grey work pants will do nicely for this cosplay!


Shoes: A lot of people went as Owen for Halloween this year. So much so that Amazon instantly suggested these shoes (top picture) when I clicked on some of the items I found for Owen And I really love this pair! In fact, I’d say these pretty much nail it based on the images of his shoes I’ve found.




And remember… She’ll kill anything that moves.


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave your wish below and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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