No Sew Cosplay: Ashley from Resident Evil 4



Scarf?: Whoever designed Ashley clearly either gave up on the sweater that was originally intended to be around her neck, meant it to be a scarf or just really wanted to mess with anyone trying to cosplay as Ashley. Technically, she is wearing a small sweater with the arms tied around her neck. However, you could easily make this a scarf (top picture) and paint on the designs with fabric paint. If you want to instead use a sweater, make sure it’s extremely small… In fact, you probably will never be able to fit in this ever if you are being accurate.


Sweater: It’s actually not that hard to find a sweater that is sleeveless and fortunately, I located one with a ribbed look (top picture) pretty quickly. Only problem is that it seems Ashley is actually wearing one with a turtle neck. I like this one though because of the color being a lighter shade of orange. In a turtle neck sleeveless, I could only locate ones with a dark orange tone (bottom picture), which could still work. Wash it or follow instructions on how to fade out material and you should be able to get close to the shade.



Belt: Ashley’s belt has almost no functionality. What it does have, however, is a curve on either side of the buckle. I instantly liked this one here (pictured below) despite the buckle being wrong. Ashley’s buckle is actually silver and square similar to this belt. However, I was unable to find one I liked the curve of.


Skirt: Possibly the best piece to Ashley’s entire outfit, she is wearing a green plaid skirt with black lines. One like this one here should do nicely.


Shoes: Ashley’s boots are incredibly unique. She’s wearing brown boots, but they almost seem to have a boot cover with a belt strap over top of them. Slouchy boots (top picture) should give you a similar look and feel to hers, however. These ones (bottom picture) even have a belt strap.



And now you should look lik- Hey! What are you looking at?!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave your wish below and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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