No Sew Cosplay: Claire Redfield from Resident Evil



This is too much!

Hair-tie: All you need is a pink hair-tie for this portion. Typically, you can’t get these in anything other than a pack.

Jacket: Claire in Resident Evil Degeneration is wearing a white denim jacket similar to this one here (top picture). Fortunately, it at least seems to have the straps on the half-sleeves as Claire’s does. It’s hard to see, due to the white contrast, if the straps are similar on the shoulders, but I’d say this is pretty darn close regardless. Claire wears her jacket with the button two to three buttons buttoned and her sleeves rolled past her elbow and strapped up.


Undershirt: Underneath of her jacket, Claire is wearing a long sleeve pink to magenta turtleneck shirt. I liked this one here (top picture) for the style for sure. Though this one (bottom picture) is probably closer in color.



Belt: A brown faux leather belt should be perfect for this cosplay! If you don’t already have one lying around, then one just like this should be perfect. Keep in mind that Claire’s belt does have an oval shaped buckle.


Pants: Tactical pants are comfortable and functional. These are what Claire is wearing in Resident Evil Degeneration in a dark chocolate color or what they call sheriff brown for that pair.


Shoes: Despite the above picture, in the actual movie, Claire is wearing a pair of pink shoes. It was hard to see details but I think a pair such as these ones should do the trick.


They sent help; we’re going to get out of here! But… Do we have anything here that can be used as a weapon?


Well, I never saw this coming.

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave your wish below and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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