No Sew Cosplay: Sans from Undertale

sanstheskeleton.png*if you keep going the way you are now… you’re gonna have a bad time.

Jacket: Sans is wearing a blue jacket. One of the artists renderings that is used as an achievement card on Steam depicts the jacket as having a white zipper similar to this hoodie here. However, the jacket is interpreted many different ways by different artists, so some artist license is definitely fine. Make sure your jacket is unzipped fully.


Sweater: Sans appears to be wearing a white sweater in the pixelated version, though others have theorized that he is wearing nothing underneath and you are seeing his skeleton form. However, thanks to the achievement card on Steam and the art on Undertale Merch, it’s save to say here that it is a white sweater. The type of neckline is really up to you. Don’t SWEATer about it.


Shorts: Most often, Sans is depicted wearing black jogging shorts with white running stripes on the side. Wait, does Sans ever exercise anyhow? Maybe he actually does use that treadmill!? Nah… Anyhow, that’s the long and the SHORT of it.


Body Suit: If you want to have the most realistic look for Sans, you’re going to need to get a body suit  (top picture) for this part. If you want, they make body suits already with skeleton designs on them so all you have to do is throw one on and leave the hood off. If you’re like me, I didn’t like the skeleton designs I saw so I purchased a black body suit (bottom picture) for my Papyrus cosplay and simply painted on the design with white fabric paint. Fortunately, this one also has no logos on it, yay! You’ll have to do several layers of the fabric paint and be careful with it. The other idea is to do the reverse and buy a white body suit and fill in the black. Basically, whichever SUITS you.



Shoes: I tend to think that Sans is wearing a pair of slippers. Oddly enough, I couldn’t find very many choices in terms of slippers that looked good besides these  (top picture) and the reviews are sort of mixed. Most say they’re nice, but a tad expensive for hotel slippers. The other ones I liked that I saw were these ones on Ebay. Finally, you could go with sneakers like the ones Sans has on in the Steam art.


Mask: Of course, your Sans will not be complete without the appropriate face. I don’t recommend doing face paint for this. I’ve seen it and I’m not a huge fan, though some people do a marvelous job with it. The mask pulls the cosplay together better. An amazing person on Tumblr (LoverofPiggies) recently uploaded a tutorial on how to do a Sans mask, down to removable and adjustable pupils with magnets.

LoverOfPiggies on Tumblr. Go check out their awesome page!

Now, make sure you stock up on hot dogs!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave your wish below and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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