No Sew Cosplay: Helga from Hey Arnold



Hair Bow: There are a few different ways to pull of Helga’s awesome bow. I found this 12 pc set with 6-6.5 inch bows (top picture). Of course, due to it being such a large set, the cost is a bit up there (almost $20). The other unfortunate thing is that they are on a stretchy elastic rather than a clip, which I think would make this VERY difficult to work into a wig. Still… That bow is so pretty. The other option I found was a bow with an alligator clasp (bottom picture) and mostly good reviews!



Dress: In most episodes, Helga is wearing her trademark pink tank top dress with one red to darker pink stripe toward the bottom. I found one similar in style, but without the stripe unfortunately. That’s easily fixable with fabric paint, however. Just use tape to block off the area you don’t want to paint and place cardboard between the layers of fabric. For more info, I found a little tutorial blog article! You could also sew on a piece of fabric but uh… That breaks my rule of no sew for this article.


Undershirt: Helga is wearing a white undershirt with half sleeves. I’m not 100% sure if the neckline is supposed to be a turtle neck or not, but this would pull off the look of having that thick fabric there better, in my opinion.


Shoes: Pick the plainest, whitest shoes for Helga’s outfit that you can find. I personally would go with canvas shoes if possible. Always check your local thrift store though so you can cut the cost down on the outfit.


Makeup: There is actually a good makeup video out there! YAY!!! But really, all you need is a eyebrow pencil that is brown and black liquid eyeliner. Draw in where you want the eyebrows to be, then lightly add strokes like “hair” to give the brows some depth. That way it doesn’t look like you painted your brow with a sharpie marker or something and it will look more realistic.

Picture Frame: Did you know that they actually make a heart shaped mirror like this (top picture)? I thought about taking a picture of Arnold in that size and shape and taping it inside where the mirror is!? Or you could get this one  (bottom picture) that’s a tad more expensive but just a wooden frame.



Now, don’t forget your shrine in Arnold’s name and you should look amazingly like Helga!



Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave your wish below and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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