Undertale Fanfiction: Swaptale Revamp

Undertale is a fantastic game and in addition to that, the fanbase behind it is just amazing. A lot of amazing artwork and creative minds have been unleashed since its debut. I ran across a dubbing of a comic made by ScotchTapeOfficial on Tumblr, which is one such creative mind. I was blown away by their comic… And even more heartbroken to learn that they had stopped creating it. Swaptale is their work, a comic strip that focuses on the idea of “what if Chara and Frisk switched timelines toward the end of the game”.

However, my mind runs crazy when given an idea that an ending won’t be available and I started creating one in my mind. I decided to change up some things, but write a fanfiction “revamp”. It was going to just be my own personal closure, but after nervously pming and asking the artist if I had permission to write a fanfiction about it, I decided to share it when I saw comments on the youtube dubbing video about how disappointed some people were that there was no end.


And, yeah, that’s essentially how Swaptale Revamp became a thing. So it’s a fanfiction of a fanwork? Someone send help. Of course, I put my own spins on several aspects and changed other things, including dialogue, to make it how I would see the action going down. Anyhow, I figured I share this on the blog, since it fits the “nerd” topic, right?


“*just lay down your weapon and, well, my job will be a lot easier.”

The fight had been waging on for a long time. Sans had sweat pouring down from his cranium and was breathing in and out with some difficulty as he struggled to catch a breath of air. The human meanwhile, rubbed its back, as though something were troubling it there. A pulled muscle? Or something more? Perhaps they felt the sins of his crimes catching up to them there.

It was obvious who was beating whom at this point in time. So many repeats of the battle had taken place that now it was all a blur for both of them. No one knew just how many times they had reset and tried again to take the other out. Both were fighting for their own reasons and had their own determination pumping fiercely inside of them. Still, Sans was opening himself up at this moment and sparing the human, allowing one last glimmer of redemption.

There was almost no hesitation behind the move.

Fist clenched, the human went to strike with the trusty knife which had brought them this far already, signaling that all he cared about was FIGHTing. Chara’s heart had long sense iced over which was ironic due to it being colored blue now.



Loud and clear as a bell, the voice rang out. A flash of blinding white light filled the space before fading back into pitch black. Darkness had filled the room soon after the surprise attack which had followed. No one had seen it coming, really. Least of all the human. Still, despite everything he had done and all the people he had tried to hurt to get to this point, there was something inside Frisk was shouting to reach out and SAVE Asriel. Everything suddenly shifted in their vision. There was a flash of white light that forced them to shut their eyes tightly. A moment later, they reopened their eyes to see their hand hovering directly above the words FIGHT.

It wasn’t hard to imagine their astonishment at the sudden change, especially when the button they had seemingly pressed accidentally had been shattered. Pieces of it were broken and were chipping away, clanking onto the floor. Looking up, eyes meeting their supposed target, Frisk dropped his stick to the ground, missing the chance on purpose. He would never FIGHT, of course!

Especially when the monster he was fighting was his friend… Sans.

“*welp. it was worth a shot. guess you like doing things the hard way, huh?”

“Sans, wha-,” Frisk started, the baffled expression intensifying with a slight hint of terror. Taking a step backward, several thoughts and questions were dancing around in the young person’s mind. What was going on? Why was he suddenly in the midst of a battle with one of his best friends in the Underground? Was this… Perhaps a trick perpetrated once again by the mischievous flower? One last ditch effort to stop them from winning this time around?

With the strange and bizarre events which had befallen them thus far, it was honestly not out of the question to consider Sans hadn’t been properly SAVEd yet. Perhaps the process needed to be done a second time? Feeling their heart grow heavier, the blue attack now in effect, Frisk prepared themselves for what would happen next. There was really no way to prepare for it, however. It was too much of an onslaught.

Attacks were flying at them every which way possible. Bones of various lengths and sizes. Leaping, rolling, dodging, they did everything to try to avoid one blow only for the entire attack to suddenly switch on them midway through. In the midst of jumping from one attack, they would find themselves grounded again only to have to leap again to avoid a different technique directed their way. Heart pounding from the intense movements, Frisk could not even fathom a light at the end of the tunnel this time. It was obvious that Sans was not holding back.

Lying on the floor for a moment, it took them a full minute to realize that the turn had finally passed. It felt as though they had been thrust into a hurricane. Bones had been flying at them every which way. Never before had they even seen such a powerful enemy that could give Flowey and Asriel such a run for their money. But what really was causing the immobilization of their entire body was not the exhaustion from the blows they had received, despite their health being in jeopardy. No, the shock of it all was almost too much.

“I can’t… Fight you, Sans.”

Without a second thought, their hand struck the Mercy button in a last ditch effort to SPARE his friend. Perhaps, whatever was causing the normally cheerful happy-go-lucky skeleton bro to behave this way would change. Frisk wanted their comedian back and badly.

“*sounds strange, but before all this, i was secretly hoping we could be friends. i always thought that the anomaly was doing this cause they were unhappy. and when they got what they wanted they would stop all this.”

“S-san’s… We are fri-,”

The response wasn’t allowed to be finished. A strange skull creature appeared, opening its giant mouth before unleashing a blast that struck the child directly as they struggled to remove themselves from the ground and dodge. Somehow, miraculously, their health did not drain completely but it was probably only because they were clinging to intense hope right now and was fighting not to give in.

But, they weren’t alone. They had friends! Recalling this, they reached a hand out, sliding it along the tiled floor for a moment and then lifting it into the air.


The blast that should have come next suddenly stopped, the blaster’s grinning mouth closing shut with a weird clanking noise.


“*hey, what are you…”


“*is this is some sort of joke… it ain’t funny, kid.”


“*knock it off.”


But no one that Frisk called out came. Only Sans stood there in front, casting his gaze to the side. Despite his obvious distress, that same grin was still stretched across his skull. Something about what Frisk had said had struck a chord within him.

“*i don’t get it. am i missing the punchline? you must have one sick sense of humor, pal.” The pupils in their friend’s eyes seemed to disappear into blackness.


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