Goals for 2016

Typically, I’m not a huge fan of setting New Years Resolutions. In fact, in years prior I’ve rebelled against the entire idea. However, this past year, 2015, has been very difficult. Not to get into the details, but I feel like starting new and setting goals for myself for the Blog, Youtube, etc would help me feel DETERMINED for what’s ahead. And thanks to you lovely people, I have some idea of where you at least want to see me go Cosplay wise in 2016.

So I’m going to break it down into segments. I won’t focus on setting number goals for the Blog or Youtube even, though that might make sense to do? As ultimately, I can’t control numbers. I can only control how hard I work to make things better on my end.


  • A new Cosplay video every other month for a grand total of at least 6 cosplays in 2016.
  • At least 4 Cosplay Prop videos (Until Dawn Psycho Mask and Beatrice from OTGW are what I want to and plan to do)
  • A new New Sew Cosplay article every other week AT LEAST (though I’d love suggestions as I’m getting stumped on ideas!)
  • At least have one professional photoshoot of a Cosplay done. Anyone recommend Cosplay Photographers in the Tampa area?
  • You guys would like to see me do Undyne (Undertale) Sam (Until Dawn) and potentially Chara (Undertale) the most! So I will make sure to put these on high priority!


  • At least 5 Let’s Play videos a week. I’d love to be able to upload one daily, but I’m hoping to work more stably next year.
  • A new Game Review article at least every other week.
  • Better thumbnails every time, as looking at game art for a thumbnail is pretty boring.


  • Watch a new series at least every other week whether it be a TV show or an Anime, and write a Blog Review.
  • Watch a new Horror (or other Movie) at least once a month and write a Blog Review.
  • Branch out and try new things!!!

So yeah, that’s it for now. I might update this as I thing of new things. But more importantly, what would you guys love to see for this Blog?





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