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Cartoon Series Review: Miraculous LadyBug


Miraculous LadyBug is one of those shows that you hear the name of and question why on Earth you should watch it. I was told that the show was good however and opted to give the cartoon a chance. Boy, am I glad that I did. And if you like Superheroes fighting the bad guys and winning in a villain-of-the-week situations with a little bit of romance thrown in, you will probably also come to really enjoy Miraculous LadyBug as well.

About: Miraculous LadyBug is a French 3-D animation with companies worldwide contributing to the project. Toei Animation, Zagtoon, Method Animation and Samg Animation co-produce the show which has been translated from French to Korean and Japanese. Miraculous LadyBug is a superhero whose true identity is Marinette Dupain-Cheng. She partners frequently with Chat Noir, another superhero whose secret identity is Adrien Agreste, her classmate. Together they stop Akuma, or evil spirits, that are sent out by the mysterious and evil Hawk Moth, who is set out to destroy the two and capture their kwami, which give them their powers. The show debuted in South Korea on September 1st, 2015 and currently has aired only 13 episodes.


Warning! Potential spoilers ahead!

The Characters/Plot: While I am still watching the show currently and already sucked in, I have to say that the plot so far of Miraculous LadyBug is super straight forward. In fact, the show doesn’t waste time giving you a lot of background information. There is no exposition or time spent with characters talking their problems out. Instead, the show simply sets up a situation where someone is possessed by an Akuma sent forth by Hawk Moth, their spirit having been corrupted. Typically they began wreaking havoc before LadyBug and Chat Noir make their appearance.

What really sets the show apart plot-wise seems to be LadyBug’s powers, which are typically randomized to the point where she is given an object that she has to use her creativity with in order to stop the villain. It reminds me very heavily of classic cartoons from the 90’s or Sailor Moon, where things are super cut and dry. Which is not a bad thing at all! In fact, it’s relaxing to watch. But if you’re looking for deep philosophical reasoning or any deeper meaning, you’re probably watching the wrong show.


But what the show does lack in plot, it makes up with the characters and the humor. Marinette is a pretty silly High School student when outside of her superhero form. In fact, she’s obsessed completely with Adrien and often drags her friend into situations involving her overwhelming crush on the guy. The ironic thing is that she also has no idea that he is Chat Noir, the very same superhero she works side-by-side with on the daily to take out baddies. What makes everything even funnier is that Adrien doesn’t seem to noticed that Marinette exists. In contrast, Chat Noire has a HUGE crush on LadyBug and continuously flirts with her while they are teaming up only to be shot down repeatedly. Oh goodness, it really is a romance story isn’t it? Yes! But it goes about it in a cute and funny way, often poking fun at the situations that the characters find themselves in and giving the viewers enough to tease them since they are the only ones in on the secret.

If only Marinette knew that Adrien was trying to hold her hand… *Sigh*

Humor: LadyBug is just stuffed with humor. From the ridiculous situations that Marinette finds herself in such as leaving a stammering voicemail on Adrien’s phone revealing that she finds him handsome on accident to the villains themselves and their ridiculous over-the-top outfits and attitudes, the show constantly keeps an up-beat tone. You probably will end up chuckling at Chat Noire’s antics at least once or twice, as he’s shot down by LadyBug after flirting with her during a battle. The humor stays kid-friendly constantly as well, so the show is really designed heavily for kids to enjoy.


Animation: I don’t often watch 3-D cartoons. In fact, I can only name a few that didn’t irritate me because of the strange way that the animators went about it (looking at you, Code Lyoko… I had such a love-hate for you). But, regardless, LadyBug to me is just beautiful to look at. There’s a lot of detail present in the backgrounds. The characters have a “cute” design as well while still having a lot of detail, texture work and fleshing out put into them while still looking like a cartoon and not real people. Reflections and shadows work the way you’d think that they should as well all while still maintaining an “anime-esque” style of expressions and action.


Overall: I feel that Miraculous LadyBug is one of those shows you can start and come back to at any time. The show is simple in plot, cute in design and charming in its characters. Things don’t always have to be complicated or in-depth to be good, and Miraculous LadyBug reminded me of that and the older cartoons I used to watch growing up. It also is very black-and-white in its justice, which makes the show easy to kick back and relax while you watch.

Have you seen Miraculous LadyBug yet? If so, what did you think?


10 thoughts on “Cartoon Series Review: Miraculous LadyBug

  1. It looks a lot like The Incredibles. But why “Ladybug”? It’s a pet peeve of mine that Americans use a false name for this cute insect. As an English guy living in America, I always hate hearing that word. I grew up knowing them as “Ladybirds” – that’s their proper name anyway – the Ladybird Beetle.
    And why call her “Ladybug” and him “Chat Noir” – why translate one name and not the other? Eventually, I hope they translate it into British English so she can be “Ladybird” and he can be “The Black Cat”.
    Anyway, I might check out this show. I usually prefer something with a bit more plot depth, but it looks cute.

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    • Hmm, that’s a good question actually but all of the translated material seems to use Ladybug and Chat Noire for both of them. Maybe because the setting actually takes place in France? The Korean version also says “LadyBug”. I bet they picked that cause it sounded cute.
      Haha, it definitely does look like the Incredibles now that you pointed that out!


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