Cosplay Tips: Fake Teeth

Holy cow! I was utterly impressed just recently with a company called Dental Distortions, that provides both fake fangs and fake nails to customers. I purchased the Lucius FX Fangs 2.0  for Undyne as that is the next cosplay I am planning for you guys. After messing up the instructions the first time around, I found that the site has clearer instructions with colored photos, all of which is enough to get you back on track if you’re like me and can’t figure out the black and white pictures from the pamphlet given with the rest of the package.If you are looking for fake teeth for a cosplay, these will also not impede your speech, they explain on the site. Let me tell you, they really don’t. I can talk pretty normally in them and this review is me writing it before I even trim the excess plastic molding off to make it even better for my mouth. If Lucius fangs aren’t the ones you are looking for, they also have several other types as well! (Also, I’m not a sponsor, I just love sites like this that provide such awesome services.)

Undertale Undyne Teeth
Lucius Fangs 2.0

2 thoughts on “Cosplay Tips: Fake Teeth

  1. That’s awesome! I bought fake vampire fangs one year for Halloween and while I liked the way they looked, there was a little outcrop (?) being the teeth that my tongue kept hitting against and it make me have a slight lisp. I love when there are resources such as this that not only make a good product, but provide clear instructions. I, too, am guilty about gushing about companies that pay me nothing lol,but superior service deserves to be lauded.

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    • Haha, yeah, I think I’ve only ever seen fake teeth that altered speech in some shape or form. Now, the only thing I didn’t realize is that it’s a bit hard to smile naturally with these ones, but other than that they’re so awesome. Haha, yeah, I wish I had a nickle for everything I’ve done that with. XD

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