Miraculous LadyBug Adrien Pose

No Sew Cosplay: Adrien from Miraculous LadyBug


Listen, I’m FELINE more generous than usual today…

So have an Adrien No Sew article. =)

Jacket: Adrien is definitely wearing a white jacket with a collar and his sleeves rolled up. There is no doubt about this one~ You’ll want to choose one with a close fit and don’t forget that he has one chest pocket. So of course, the first one I found that even looked similar had way too many chest pockets (top picture) and some not so great reviews. I found one similar but with better reviews here (bottom picture) though I had to adjust the colors so you could actually tell what it is. The only downside is the blue around the collar.



Shirt: Right now if you are looking for a shirt with the exact style on it, you will have a heck of a time. I could not find Adrien’s shirt anywhere after hours of searching even just for a normal black shirt with no ties to the show. It took me a few trials and errors on gimp, but I finally managed to come up with the design that ended up looking pretty close on zazzle. Just select men’s black t-shirt standard and upload the image. Position it as shown below. I uploaded the design onto TinyPic for you to use however you want. Go bonkers.



Ring: Adrien wears a silver banded ring with an oval flat face whenever he is not transformed into Chat Noir. The same Etsy seller that made Miraculous Ladybug’s earrings used to sell the Chat Noir ring. Hopefully they will bring it back.

EDIT: The Chat Noir ring is back!



Belt: Super straightforward; Adrien is wearing a black belt with a rectangular silver buckle.


Pants: Adrien is wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans, however, they are pretty teal/aquamarine in color. Don’t worry, pairs like these are pretty easy to find.


Shoes: Adrien’s shoes are pretty similar to converse shoes. I honestly can’t tell due to the pant legs if they are tall converse or the standard. Don’t forget to check your local thrift store before you purchase shoes online as you might save a lot of money. If they are too dark of a red you might be able to lighten them either by leaving them out for the sun to take care of (don’t leave them out when it’s raining though) or by washing repeatedly.


Now you look positively purr-fect!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave your wish below and I will see what magic I can work for you!




9 thoughts on “No Sew Cosplay: Adrien from Miraculous LadyBug

  1. The ring is once again not for sale, btw. Just thought I’d let you know. I now need to find a different ring

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah! Yeah, I’ve had some links become broken over time. I would actually recommend doing a model magic ring. I was going to do a video since I am almost finished with my Chat Noir cosplay haha


  2. I also wanted to point out that RedBubble is cheaper for the shirt if you manage to change the design to work and fit :3

    Liked by 1 person

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