First Impressions: Legends of Tomorrow


About: Legends of Tomorrow is a superhero TV series that recently began airing on the CW. Legends takes place in the DC universe in the same universe as the popular shows The Flash and Arrow, complete with crossover episodes that are planned (Green Arrow had a cameo in the Pilot as well). The Pilot episode premiered on January 21st, 2016 and the second episode of the series aired January 28th (tonight at the time of this posting).

The Plot: Legends focuses on a group of super powered individuals that are contacted by a time-traveler named Rip Hunter. He explains that the future is in jeopardy and that he is working on assembling a team known as “Legends” in the future to stop a man named Vandal Savage, an immortal, from reigning the world. The group he wants to assemble consists of eight people. Jefferson and Professor Stein combine to make one super powered crime-fighter known as Firestorm; Ray Palmer is Atom Man, able to shrink to the size of an atom with the use of a power-suit; Sara Lance is White Canary, recently brought back from the dead on Arrow; Kendra and Carter are HawkGirl and HawkMan respectively, immortals who reincarnate after death; and the last two of the gang are Mick Rory (Heat Wave) and Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) who are actually thieves. The Pilot episode focuses mostly on revealing the characters and the group traveling back to the year 1975 to find a lead on where to find Vandal in the past.

The Characters: Already it’s very obvious that the show is focused on its characters. It takes the time to reveal each one and set them up with pasts and individual character traits. Rip Hunter ends up earning the main spotlight in the Pilot, after his motivations for stopping Vandal become more clear toward the end of the episode. There is a sort of campy feeling throughout the episode which comes with the dialogue but the rest of the episode fits this and also fits in well with other CW Network shows that have a similar “feel”. Oddly enough, Arthur Darvill (Rip Hunter) also played a companion on Doctor Who, which I would describe as having a similar vibe to it. For the most part I enjoyed all of the portrayals of the characters… However, a few of the actors don’t seem completely comfortable in their parts or seem to be overacting in some manner or another. Particularly Ciara Renee who… Just didn’t seem all that comfortable in her role and had some awkward facial expressions at many times that didn’t match up well… At least, in my opinion. Of course, that could also just be her character. It’s difficult to tell with having only watched the first episode.

The Visuals: It’s a CW show and the graphics definitely reflect this. They aren’t stellar and its pretty obvious sometimes when the cgi is used. However, for the most part everything flows really well and quick cuts and action scenes make it less obvious. Real sets are used as well, including the time-travel vessels. The costumes that all the superheros wear are well designed.

First Impressions: Legends of Tomorrow feels very much like a comic book or an animated superhero series being brought straight to the television screen with all those elements pretty much intact. The over-the-top portions just add to that sense of nostalgia. It’s a good show with a great premise and a lot of potential. Some stilted acting and awkward dialogue dampened the Pilot a tad and made some of the set-ups of the characters feel a bit forced… However, the actors are just getting started and hopefully will settle into their roles more (though HawkGirl has been in other shows before so… this might be wishful thinking). The premise of the show gives it a lot of opportunity for interesting episodes and, if executed right, this show could take off. First Impressions? Give this show a shot; especially if you are a classic superhero fan. I know I’ll be watching the second episode soon.


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