No Sew Cosplay: Chloé from Miraculous LadyBug


You don’t scare me! Everyone wants to be my friend.

Sunglasses: Though she never actually seems to use these to shield her eyes from the sun and instead as a headband, Chloe is always seen wearing a pair of white sunglasses with oversized frames. The lenses are dark, though they sometimes look lighter in different shots.


Hair-tie: Though the details are a bit hard to make out, I’m pretty certain that Chloe is wearing a silver scrunchie in her hair though you could probably get away with any light colored scrunchie for this portion of the cosplay.


Necklace: The only jewelry that Chloe wears, despite flaunting her riches quite often, is a gold necklace with a small silver (?) and red (?) teardrop pendant at the end. This one has an added stone to the top and comes with earrings but the price is rather decent for jewelry. If I’m wrong about the colors for the necklace please let me know!


Jacket: Chloe is wearing a yellow cardigan with 3/4 sleeves. This one matches really well and has a very positive review, especially compared to other cardigans on Amazon that I found.


Shirt: I knew right away that this part of the outfit would be difficult to find. Chloe has on a black and white stripped shirt, only the stripes are all at the bottom 3/4’s of the shirt while the top is white. The first I found that was even close had chiffon lacing and smaller stripes, unfortunately (top picture). Finally, I found the perfect one on Forever 21’s website (bottom picture). The buttons on the side will be covered up by the cardigan anyhow!



Belt: Chloe is wearing a 3 to 4 rowed pyramid studded belt such as this one here. She does not seem to wear it through any loops in her pants but you might have to at least put it through a few. Fortunately, the pants I link below DO have belt loops from the looks of them.


Pants: You can go one of two ways with Chloe’s pants. You can either get a pair of white capri Jeggings like these ones (top picture) or Jeans (bottom picture) You will probably have an easier time getting the form fitting look with the jeggings.



Shoes: Just like Marinette, Chloe is wearing a pair of ballerina shoes. Unlike Marinette’s, hers are white with a black band at the top of the toes and a black sole. My suggestion is to get a pair of white ballerina slippers and paint on the small band if you want with fabric paint. I bought these for Marinette in pink and love them~


Well… In the end, I think I’ll remain your most prestigious fan~


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave your wish below and I will see what magic I can work for you!


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