No Sew Cosplay: Alya from Miraculous LadyBug


I really should rename this Maneki Neko blog into Lady Blog. And… Also, have it all about Miraculous LadyBug!

I’m sure Alya would agree with that. ;)

Glasses: Of course, any Alya cosplay has to have the black glasses. Hers in particular seem to be a nerd wayfare style like these pair. I am a fan of the shiny version of these, versus the matte, but you also have a choice in black with the same style.


Jacket: Alya is wearing a short sleeve plaid button-up jacket/shirt. I stumbled across this shirt first (top picture), which is strikingly similar to Alya’s, in my opinion. The only bummer is that the darker lines aren’t a bit more pronounced. I also found this shirt (bottom picture) which has the blue/purple lines, but it currently has no reviews.


Shirt: Pretty simple, actually. Alya is just wearing a plain white shirt or a tank top. I would almost recommend a tank just so you don’t have to worry about sleeve lengths, but you really can’t go wrong here.


Pants: Alya is wearing light blue capri pants which could either be jean material or jeggings. It’s really up to you! However, they are form-fitting, more like yoga pants, so jeggings might be the best bet.


Shoes: I honestly never realized it until I began to look at Alya’s shoes, but she is wearing a pair of black and white tennis shoes with a super large tongue that has a crown shape. I had never seen these shoes before actually. Adidas makes pairs like these and Alya’s are most likely styled off of them. Fortunately they ship worldwide! But you could also probably get away with a pair of normal black and white tennis shoes, worst-case scenario.


A-and for the last time, Alya, I’m not secretly LadyBug, I swear!


Which character or series would you like to see featured next? Leave a comment or message me and I will see what magic I can work for you~!




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