No Sew Cosplay: Gwen Stacy from Amazing Spider-Man


I thought it was great what you did out there. Stupid, but great.

Hair Tie: Pretty simple! For her Scientist outfit in the first Amazing Spider-Man movie, Gwen Stacy is wearing her hair up in a ponytail using a black hair tie.

Earrings: Completely optional and before I get a comment like “but you aren’t Gwen Stacy without the earrings”, stop… Put the keyboard down. Breath and think about it this way. Did you ever even notice Gwen was wearing earrings? Regardless, Gwen is wearing a pair of white stud earrings like these ones. They’re tiny and the ones I link are actually 2 mm; very small to match hers~


Lab Coat: I actually used this 36″ lab coat (pictured below) when I cosplayed as Gwen Stacy. The only problem with this coat is it is a bit long and so I hemmed it up, which involves sewing. You could get a lab coat that is a few inches shorter such as this one here.


Shirt: Gwen is wearing a black and white striped shirt with larger black stripes than white. This shirt here is super good quality and has lasted me over 2 years of constant wear as well, so feel free to use it outside of cosplay.


ID: Unless you are going with someone cosplaying as Spider-Man, you are most likely going to go unnoticed at a convention. However, one thing in your favor is the fact that Gwen actually wears an ID badge! You can get a clear card holder,  an ID badge clip and just print out the badge picture~


Skirt: You’re going to need an over the knee grey pencil skirt just like this one for Gwen. Once again, this skirt has lasted me a really long time and is good quality.


Socks: Gwen Stacy is wearing a pair of black knee-high socks such as these ones here.


Shoes: It’s really not often that you can find a picture or even part of the scene in the movie where Gwen Stacy’s shoes are visible. When you pause certain scenes, you can see that she is wearing a pair of brown riding boots similar to these here. I’m not 100% that these are the same boots that I purchased back in 2013 though.



Oh, I’m in trouble.


Which character or series would you like to see featured next? Leave a comment or message me and I will see what magic I can work for you~!


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