Favorite Youtube Movie Critics

I find that I watch a lot of Youtube. A ton, really! But there are certain channels that I enjoy more than others and so here are my favorite movie critics that are on Youtube!

HISHE: How It Should Have Ended is probably one of my favorites just because they really stick close to the whole idea of how a movie could have ended better, while making fun of the movie. They handle a lot of the more popular cinematic features being released and I often have to wait a while because I haven’t seen the movie in the theater and have to wait for the DVD release, but that’s another reason why they are so popular. The best part of the channel is the humor, for sure, but their videos are great to look at, as they use cartoon animations or, even more recently, stop animation to get their point across. The best scenes often involve the Superhero Cafe, where Batman and Superman add their own thoughts on the movie. It’s not just pointing out the big major plot holes in the ending either, as having Peter Parker Saturday Night Strut past Batman and Superman in Spider-Man 3’s How It Should Have Ended had me laughing out loud.

Cinema Sins: No movie is without sin, and Cinema Sins certainly highlights it. Cinema Sins breaks down your favorite, or non-favorite, movies and counts down all the problems with it; including when there are missed opportunities for a lap dance. At the end, they tally up the totals and even sometimes do lightning rounds. Often times, it highlights real things that are wrong with a film that you might have overlooked. OR it highlights the ones that are glaringly obvious that bothered you and made you want to scream when you watched the movie. Of course, one of my favorites is It Follows, which I gave a horrible review in my own blog article. That being said, they aren’t completely heartless. Cinema Sins will also take off sins for something that was brilliantly done in a film, though they’ll probably immediately add it back for something else.

Honest Trailers: Whenever you hear a person with a perfect narrator voice, you probably expect it to be promoting a movie and highlighting how exciting you should be for the featured film. Honest Trailers definitely has the narrator voice, but adds in hysterical commentary about the movie, all while still keeping in the theme of a “trailer” like you know and love. One of my favorite Honest Trailers is actually The Lego Movie, where they teamed up with Epic Rap Battle and used the Lego Movie song to make fun of the idea that the entire movie was really a marketing scheme to make money off of the toys. Honest Trailers typically takes movies that were requested in their Youtube comments as well, giving its audience more of a say in which movies they do. Old and new movies are up for grabs! And don’t worry, you’ll hear the Honest Trailer’s soothing narrator voice at the end as well, where he’ll read a group of comments left by the audience in his epic voice.

Nostalgia Critic: Also known as The Guy With The Glasses, Critic breaks down old movies that you know and love and reviews them so that you don’t have to. In his more recent videos, he teams up with others to have a script of their own highlighting problems in the movie and sometimes even reenacting entire scenes from the movie instead of just using clips. The great thing about Nostalgia Critic is that he tackles the entire movie. Plot, characters, atmosphere and comparisons to other movies are made. He won’t gloss over the great parts of the movie though, showing you the positive as well as the negative, which is pretty refreshing. He also comments about character development and depth as well, which goes straight to my heart. He’s very expressionate and even interacts with scenes from the movie, which is really interesting as well. His new channel, Channel Awesome, also has videos with Nostalgia Critic out of character giving his own reviews or even reviews where he’s dressed as Bum. Yep! Him and his crew, including his brother as co-writer, do a great job together and are worth checking out~!


5 thoughts on “Favorite Youtube Movie Critics

    • They really are! I’m so excited because they are going to be at Omni Expo this Sat so I get to see them in a panel! I might take pictures and post them on the blog. Yeah, Nostalgia Critic is hard because he’s on so many channels but now Channel Awesome seems to be his home channel. XD


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