Miraculous LadyBug Mask Revamp

Not that long ago, I did an article on how to create a Superhero mask with Eva Foam. Though the mask is very easy to make and also super affordable, there were things I thought I could do better. Namely, being able to express emotions. This is something that LadyBug and Chat Noir do a lot in the show, and it seemed sad to me to lose that aspect in my cosplay and so I was unhappy with it for some time. After some research, I discovered a viable method and, fortunately, I happened to have some liquid latex left over from when I did my Undyne Cosplay. Of course, this option is only available for those WITHOUT a liquid latex allergy.

Eva Foam Mask on Left                                        Liquid Latex on Right

As you can see, I posted pictures that were likely to have a lot of expression to them for emphasis, and you can tell that my full range of facial motions are able to be shown while I’m wearing the latex mask. It’s also thinner as well.

How to Make:

I followed this video on how to make the mask, making only a few adjustments as necessary.

Notes for My Technique:

-Make sure to use a glue stick to glue your eyebrows down or you’ll probably lose them! And… That would be tragic.

-I did not paint my face first with eye liner and instead used an eyebrow pencil to trace where I wanted the mask. I did approximately 4-5 layers of latex before peeling the mask off, powdering it as I went to keep it from sticking to itself.

-I used acrylic paint to paint the mask and only used 1-2 layers.

– I flipped the mask around. Meaning I used the side that was originally stuck to my actual face as the outside versus the inside, making it a smoother finish.

-I used red eyeshadow around my eye to help create the illusion that it’s seamless.

I also have done other things to improve my LadyBug Cosplay. Sometimes the first time isn’t the best, but maybe the second or third time is the lucky charm~


No Sew Cosplay: Jack Frost from ROTG



I’ve been around for a long time. My name is Jack Frost. I love being on my own. No rules. No responsibility. It’s as good as it sounds.

Just in time for Easter, I decided to do an article for Jack Frost, which is a cosplay you are bound to see at least once at a convention. This cosplay is fairly easy as well, so super great for a casual cosplay or a first time cosplay.

Wig: I always love Epic Cosplay Wigs. That’s why, the first place I looked for  Jack Frost wig was their website. It obviously requires styling, as you will need to spike up the hair which can be done by teasing it and spraying the wig with hair spray.


Hoodie: Jack Frost is wearing a trademark royal blue pull-over hoodie. There are two ways of going about this, in my opinion. If you are going to a convention in the winter time, a normal hoodie like this one  (top pic) is fantastic. However, if you are attending a convention in the summer time, you might want to go with a hoodie with thinner material such as a beach hoodie (bottom picture)! Either way, you want to take white fabric paint and paint in the details on the jacket by studying pictures of Jack Frost’s hoodie and applying random lines to mimick frost. Make not to overdo the lines, and also make them opaque with one very thin layer rather than painting them in a solid white.



Pants: You will need some dark brown pants for this that have a slim fit. Cut off some of the bottom, leaving jagged edges, then take some white and brown fabric paint and mix it together, then use it to make the pants look stressed and frosted. Make sure not to go to heavy, and use a brush that will add a lot of texture. Take some white and blue fabric paint to add a frost affect to the edges the same way you did the hoodie and use fabric glue to add brown ribbon around the bottoms.


Staff: Hikari Shio on Youtube has made a tutorial on how to do Jack Frost’s staff using mostly household products such as a mop handle, cardboard tubes from wrapping paper, etc. She has also done tutorials on painting Jack Frost’s hoodie and pants, if you need a reference.

Invisible Shoes: Running around on a dirty convention floor bare foot or having to walk from your car to the convention center itself is not a good idea. You never know what you could step on. That’s why this video is fantastic! It shows you have to make invisible cosplay shoes, which will allow you to seemingly be barefoot. This is also better than wearing shoes you will have to take off for photo opportunities.

My name is Jack Frost, and I’m a guardian. How do I know that? Because the moon told me so. So If the moon tells you something…Believe it.



Cosplay Tips: Help! I’m out of Spirit Gum!

Okay, so I just recently encountered a problem where I left my spirit gum in a bag and the contents completely spilled out. But I stumbled across a fix for this.

Spirit Gum for those of you who have never heard of it, is a product for stage makeup. It helps you attach prosthetics such fake beards, masks, etc to your face or skin without causing damage.

However, when mine ran out, I attempted to use eyelash adhesive in its stead and low and behold, my mask actually stayed on! While this technique might not have the longevity (or the strength) of Spirit Gum, it could easily work in a pinch at a convention if you forgot yours at home, it leaked or you simply ran out of product. I used this on my mask only so I’m not sure how it fairs on other items, but it’s worth a shot. Fortunately, eye lash adhesive is also available at many stores such as Walmart, CVS, etc where Spirit Gum you would have to go to a specialty store like Party City for or order it online.

Hope this helps someone out there with a similar problem!


No Sew Cosplay: Chara from Undertale


It’s me. Chara.

Contacts: Consult your eye doctor first. If you have a zero prescription for contacts, I would consider adding red contacts to this cosplay as it would look fantastic. I will not be linking contacts ever. Again, consult your eye doctor.

Sweater: What you will need for Chara is a green sweater with a yellow stripe. Unfortunately, chances are that you won’t find one already made up. That’s easily solvable, however as long as you have a green sweater. You could, of course, sew a yellow stripe across but you can also use fabric paint (I recommend Tulip) and paint in the stripe. Make sure you give yourself a straight line by marking off areas you don’t want to paint or lightly marking it with a fabric pencil first. You might have to do several layers of paint between letting it dry. Chara only has one stripe directly across the middle of the sweater. It’s optional to do matching stripes on the arms as well.


Shirt: I’ve seen some cosplayers use a brown polo shirt underneath of the sweater to represent the brown pixels under Char’s neck. This piece is definitely optional, as you only see the collar poking up from underneath the sweater anyhow.


Pants: Most depictions of Chara seem to show them wearing a pair of brown pants/slacks. I’ve seen cosplayers that have done it well also with shorts and leggings, however. Really, it is up to you and you can be very creative with what you have around the house as well to keep the cost lower. That’s the brilliance of this cosplay as the sweater is immediately recognizable.


Shoes: I personally think that the same brown ankle boots that I linked in my article on Frisk would look fantastic for this cosplay. For those unfamiliar, these are the shoes that I linked.



Tips: The best Chara cosplays that I have seen have done something unique or interesting with the concept of the character. Try to add your own spin to the cosplay~ Why not add details such as “dust” from monsters or other sfxs? Go bananas! This is one of those cosplays you can be super creative with.

Which character or series would you like to see featured next? Leave a com…

*cackling noises*

Since when were you the one in control?

Conventions: OmniExpo

Oh boy. Where do I begin when talking about OmniExpo as a convention. Well, first of all it is important to note that OmniExpo is a relatively new convention, having just began 3 years ago. That being said, my last convention, Holiday Matsuri is in it’s 5th year and was much larger and much more well organized.

OmniExpo is “your spring destination in Orlando, Florida for Scifi, Comics, Anime, Fantasy, Gaming and Pop Culture!” that took place in the convention hall portion of the DoubleTree by Hilton near Universal Studios. It featured many different panels such as the Super Hero Cafe where How It Should Have Ended. Other panels included May May’s Maid Cafe, Total Drama Expo LARP, a Formal Ball and Dinner and others.

What sold me going to this convention was HISHE. If you’ve followed my blog, you would know that they are one of my favorite Youtube Movie Critic channels. My friend and I cosplayed as Marinette and Alya from the cartoon, Miraculous LadyBug. The Super Hero Cafe panel was absolutely amazing. Tina Alexander, writer and Daniel Baxter, Director, spoke about the origins of HISHE, showed clips from their channel, answered questions and interacted closely with the audience. Guests included Marty McFly and BATMAN. Because… He’s BATMAN! HISHE also showed an exclusive premiere of their Deadpool video before it hits Youtube on Tuesday 3/8/16. It’s phenomenal and had the audience in stitches.

I also attended AbraCadabraCosplay’s panel on Wig Styling. It was a very informative panel all about the very extensive art of wig styling, but comprehensive so that anyone from any level could follow along and learn quite a bit of information. They also do assist people via their FaceBook page, so feel free to check them out! Her panel was very educational and nicely put together despite the fact that OmniExpo… Provided NO overhead projectors. Or anything really to the smaller panels. And this is where I get into the problems that OmniExpo has.

While I only attended on Saturday 3/5/16 for most of the morning and early afternoon, it was still noticeable that there wasn’t a lot going on. The attendance itself was low which isn’t always a bad thing, but there was little to nothing exciting going on in the halls. The ticket for the day I attended was $35 which is already a tad high for a newer convention. To compare it, MetroCon’s Saturday is the same price with a much larger crowd, more panels and more activities taking place as well as more staff. This wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, as I was willing to pay the price… If there weren’t panels that charged admission. The Maid Cafe was $10 just to get into the door, with food costing an extra $5. The Makeup XFS which was poorly advertised on their calendar (it failed to mention it was an extra charge), also cost $20. HISHE was a bit more understandable, as the ticket was $5 plus $11 if you wanted coffee and dessert.

Signs for registration were handwritten and confusing. The way to the registration desk was supposed to be accessible from the main convention area through the vending room… Which did not open until 11am. This forced attendees to go around the pool area in a long, winding walk past the rest of the hotel to purchase their tickets. Not to mention, signage in general was pretty much not provided. Nor were there staff members readily available to ask. The ticket staff were phenomenal and quick (we had a fantastic person at our window that was a total joy), but the staff checking wristbands at the door were sitting down, barely interacting with convention goers and we walked right past a booth handing out important FLYERS for the convention TWICE and were not offered one.

Sure, some of the conventions I have been to have practically held my hand. But Metro literally has tables set up straight after the tickets are purchased with information and friendly staff the entire way to get you started, not just at the ticket booths. Not to mention, the security do talk to people and do interact and communicate information to large groups. There weren’t even a lot of people there and they couldn’t manage that!

Then there were the overly in your face staff… The ones running some of the panels like Total Drama and the Maid Cafe. The Maid Cafe was worse, as we were browbeat to come check it out only to be told once we were brought there that it was an extra charge and made to feel uncomfortable when we paid and were told we didn’t pay enough (as apparently, we only purchased enough for one ticket despite them knowing we were a duo). Total Drama wasn’t as bad… But still, they got in our face and told us to sign up… But in a way that will instantly remind you of a Jehovah’s Witness (ie Not good). There is a reason that major conventions like MetroCon (Tampa) and MegaCon (Orlando) don’t allow panels to charge extra often… And this is the reason why.

Okay, so that’s staffing and organization and well… Giving your panels actual tools, supplies and staff to get them running and to help them along. Alright, yeah, so organization isn’t their strong suit. At least the other portions were enjoyable, right?

Nottt really. The vendor room itself was rather well set up but honestly, felt fairly empty. The artist alley did have a lot of talented folks, but… Very few.

I might be nitpicking here or being too harsh, but I got literally LOST a few times in the vendors room and artist alley at Holiday Matsuri. Not to mention, if they had put the two together it would have looked more full and inviting and probably helped booster their sales. Maybe lower the fee for the vendors if you are already charging attendees so much to invite more inside for the first few years?

But of course, what really makes any convention great, are the cosplayers and the people. Despite the slow feel of the convention, I met some phenomenal individuals and have made new friends on Instagram because of this convention. My friend and I also managed to have FigmentsMedia take a photoshoot of us. They are fantastic photographers and provide a great service, so go check them out as well!

I don’t regret going for this very reason. However, I feel this needs to be brought to people’s attention and perhaps OmniExpo can learn from this and do differently in the future. Who knows, maybe there will be a time where I will want to attend again. As is, I will not be planning for next year.