Cosplay Tips: Help! I’m out of Spirit Gum!

Okay, so I just recently encountered a problem where I left my spirit gum in a bag and the contents completely spilled out. But I stumbled across a fix for this.

Spirit Gum for those of you who have never heard of it, is a product for stage makeup. It helps you attach prosthetics such fake beards, masks, etc to your face or skin without causing damage.

However, when mine ran out, I attempted to use eyelash adhesive in its stead and low and behold, my mask actually stayed on! While this technique might not have the longevity (or the strength) of Spirit Gum, it could easily work in a pinch at a convention if you forgot yours at home, it leaked or you simply ran out of product. I used this on my mask only so I’m not sure how it fairs on other items, but it’s worth a shot. Fortunately, eye lash adhesive is also available at many stores such as Walmart, CVS, etc where Spirit Gum you would have to go to a specialty store like Party City for or order it online.

Hope this helps someone out there with a similar problem!



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