No Sew Cosplay: Chara from Undertale


It’s me. Chara.

Contacts: Consult your eye doctor first. If you have a zero prescription for contacts, I would consider adding red contacts to this cosplay as it would look fantastic. I will not be linking contacts ever. Again, consult your eye doctor.

Sweater: What you will need for Chara is a green sweater with a yellow stripe. Unfortunately, chances are that you won’t find one already made up. That’s easily solvable, however as long as you have a green sweater. You could, of course, sew a yellow stripe across but you can also use fabric paint (I recommend Tulip) and paint in the stripe. Make sure you give yourself a straight line by marking off areas you don’t want to paint or lightly marking it with a fabric pencil first. You might have to do several layers of paint between letting it dry. Chara only has one stripe directly across the middle of the sweater. It’s optional to do matching stripes on the arms as well.


Shirt: I’ve seen some cosplayers use a brown polo shirt underneath of the sweater to represent the brown pixels under Char’s neck. This piece is definitely optional, as you only see the collar poking up from underneath the sweater anyhow.


Pants: Most depictions of Chara seem to show them wearing a pair of brown pants/slacks. I’ve seen cosplayers that have done it well also with shorts and leggings, however. Really, it is up to you and you can be very creative with what you have around the house as well to keep the cost lower. That’s the brilliance of this cosplay as the sweater is immediately recognizable.


Shoes: I personally think that the same brown ankle boots that I linked in my article on Frisk would look fantastic for this cosplay. For those unfamiliar, these are the shoes that I linked.



Tips: The best Chara cosplays that I have seen have done something unique or interesting with the concept of the character. Try to add your own spin to the cosplay~ Why not add details such as “dust” from monsters or other sfxs? Go bananas! This is one of those cosplays you can be super creative with.

Which character or series would you like to see featured next? Leave a com…

*cackling noises*

Since when were you the one in control?


4 thoughts on “No Sew Cosplay: Chara from Undertale

  1. Thanks so much! This helped a lot,recently my sewing machine broke,i didnt have time to get a new one.Just one thing,I dont have any prescriptions,so where do you suggest a get a colored pair of contacts? (Just a store name I totally understand about the no links)

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    • No problem! I’m so glad it helped! Sorry for the late reply. Also, I don’t have any recommendations for contact lenses, but I’ve heard that you need to see an eye doctor first in order to get the measurements for your eyes. I personally don’t use them for my cosplays ^_^;


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