Miraculous LadyBug Mask Revamp

Not that long ago, I did an article on how to create a Superhero mask with Eva Foam. Though the mask is very easy to make and also super affordable, there were things I thought I could do better. Namely, being able to express emotions. This is something that LadyBug and Chat Noir do a lot in the show, and it seemed sad to me to lose that aspect in my cosplay and so I was unhappy with it for some time. After some research, I discovered a viable method and, fortunately, I happened to have some liquid latex left over from when I did my Undyne Cosplay. Of course, this option is only available for those WITHOUT a liquid latex allergy.

Eva Foam Mask on Left                                        Liquid Latex on Right

As you can see, I posted pictures that were likely to have a lot of expression to them for emphasis, and you can tell that my full range of facial motions are able to be shown while I’m wearing the latex mask. It’s also thinner as well.

How to Make:

I followed this video on how to make the mask, making only a few adjustments as necessary.

Notes for My Technique:

-Make sure to use a glue stick to glue your eyebrows down or you’ll probably lose them! And… That would be tragic.

-I did not paint my face first with eye liner and instead used an eyebrow pencil to trace where I wanted the mask. I did approximately 4-5 layers of latex before peeling the mask off, powdering it as I went to keep it from sticking to itself.

-I used acrylic paint to paint the mask and only used 1-2 layers.

– I flipped the mask around. Meaning I used the side that was originally stuck to my actual face as the outside versus the inside, making it a smoother finish.

-I used red eyeshadow around my eye to help create the illusion that it’s seamless.

I also have done other things to improve my LadyBug Cosplay. Sometimes the first time isn’t the best, but maybe the second or third time is the lucky charm~


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