Cartoon Review: Star and the Forces of Evil


A friend of mine recently told me I should watch Star and the Forces of Evil and am I glad that I gave it a shot! In the past, I had seen cosplays come out of this show and it did peak my interest but I believed that it was a show targeted toward younger audiences. While that much is definitely true, the series itself has a lot of humor that adults as well as kids will enjoy.

About: Princess Star Butterfly who lives in the world of Mewni inherits the family magical wand on her 14th Birthday from her parents. Chaos ensues when it turns out that she can’t control her powers properly and is also not responsible enough with them. Her parents, the King and Queen of Mewni decide to take her to Earth instead of shipping her off to St. Olga’s School for Wayward Princesses. After bribing a school principal into allowing their daughter to enroll in his school, the Principal decides on a guide for Star to introduce her to the world of Earth.That guide is Marco, an overly cautious teen that the Principal feels will be the best to control Star. Together they fight off evil forces that attempt to steal Star’s wand and also go on crazy and wild adventures.Star and the Forces of Evil airs on Disney XD, has received mostly positive reviews and was nominated for Best TV series in the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Best Animated TV/Broadcast Production for Children in the Annie Awards.

The Plot/Characters: Star is basically banished to Earth after she abuses the powers of her magical wand. She is a bit out of control and excitable which led to all the chaos that she inflicted on her home planet. The King and Queen decide that Earth is the best place for her, hoping that it will teach her more responsibility. Star takes it relatively well, excited about Earth. She wants to learn about their culture and is happy when Marco is assigned to be her guide. Unfortunately, Marco doesn’t quite feel the same. At first he’s freaked out by the use of her magic but once he gets passed that, he ends up becoming upset when his parents invite her to live with them. Not only that, but she begins to wreck his comfort and inflict spells on him that terrorize Marco. They eventually make up, however, when Star explains her situation.

When they are attacked by Ludo, who wishes to steal the wand to use to control the Universe, and his minions, they work together to defeat him. The episodes are mostly based on Star and Marco getting into bizarre situations, such as traveling to another world to find a charger for Star’s wand before it loses its powers for good. Overall, the Plot isn’t all that complex but the characters are so expressive and over the top that the situations that they get into are very humorous. While there might be some cliches to the episodes, often the way that the characters deal with things is so over the top or doesn’t follow a trope that it makes the series very interesting. There are also moments where Star’s magic causes a lot of problems for them, such as transforming Marco’s arm into an octopus one!


While Star is over-the-top and extremely adventures, Marco starts off as very cautious and overly nervous about breaking out of his habits despite wanting danger in his life. Star is also super unorganized which is in stark contrast to Marco’s organization and preparation. The two characters act as great foils for each other and also add a lot of interest to the show.

The Humor: The show is mostly all about the humor. It takes situations and presents it in a way that the wild and off-the-wall reactions from Star and the other characters is zanny and interesting. Most of the humor is fast-paced action, funny expressions and situational but every once in a while they will toss in humor that is clearly adult in nature and that only adults will get such as Marco’s dad walking around naked off screen and some references.Other humor includes Star thinking that a light switch is magical or summoning dangerous monsters just to give Marco some danger in his life.

Animation: The animation for Star and the Forces of Evil is very beautiful. It’s a 2-D cartoon style bordering on looking like an anime with the character design choices it has. The animation is very fluid and utilizes a lot of bright colors and interesting painted backgrounds though it usually keeps everything simplified. The fight scenes and other face-paced portions are very well executed and utilize interesting angels and shots as well.




Star and the Forces of Evil is a treasure. It’s got an interesting premise, fast-paced and zanny humor and is visually appealing and cutesy. There isn’t a whole lot of depth here when it comes to plot or character development but what is there is interesting and unique enough that, chances are, it will hold your interest. If you already enjoy cartoons and are a fan of cartoons, then this is a good choice for you! It’s perfect for kids as well and will definitely capture them while also providing them with some good entertainment. If you already aren’t a fan, you probably won’t be swayed by Star and the Forces of Evil.



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