Signs A Show Has Taken Over Your Life

There are some signs out there to help you tell if a show has utterly and completely consumed your life. Hey, most of us nerds have been there at one point or another. You find yourself talking about a show constantly or obsessing about it, daydreaming about it… Writing/reading fanfiction about it? Googling im- Okay, we get the point! How about we list the actual sure-fired signs that you have completely lost control of your life to the show.

1.) Talking About It: You may or may not drag others into  your obsession. If you have been at this a while, you’ll probably work on it subtly, or slip in ways to draw comparisons to the show. If you aren’t as good at it, you’ll probably just make people completely aware of how crazy bat nuts you are for this program. Even if you aren’t exactly talking about it to someone, you’re probably writing tweets or posting images onto your Facebook or Tumblr that revolve super closely to the show. And you might lump a cat picture in-between to break up the spam before instantly resuming the posting!

2.) You Know Things By Heart: “It’s LadyBug, jumping above!” or you might start humming that tune just before Gravity Falls at the mere mention of a mystery. Heck, you probably get so into it that you subconsciously start doing it without even realizing! Basically, you know certain parts of the show by heart and are able to recite or include aspects of it into your daily life. Another sign of this is dancing to theme music, singing out loud or reciting dialogue word for word!

3.) Nicknames: People on the internet or those you know in person start to refer to you as “that ‘insert show’ girl/guy. By this point, you’ve made it known to them that you are obsessed and there is no denying it.

4.) Accessorizing: Your eyes are secretly always on the look out for things from the show. You hone in on something once you recognize it and get super excited when you confirm it is from the show or reminds you of it. Instantly, your wallet is opening. The card is slipping out. How on Earth did you make it to the register? Wait, where were you again? Omgosh, you just bought that thing! You had like, $5 for ramen, WHY DID YOU DO THAT!? This applies to cosplayers as well.

5.) Cliffhangers/Season Finales/Romantic Triangles: You’re dead. Your heart can’t beat any longer. This show has killed you right in the feels. You’re lying on the ground now. No one better disturb you to the cliffhanger is resolved. You’ll stay there until the next season begins, thank you very much!

(Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I wrote anything, so I thought I’d do this fun little article. I hope you enjoyed it~! I think my hiatus is over now for sure and you can expect new articles from me at least once a week as well as a new video once a week at least~)


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