Miraculous LadyBug Cosplay Tutorial/FAQ

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my LadyBug cosplay ever since I revamped it and I think it’s about time to do a full-length article on all the updates. I did do a video talking about the changes, however, it doesn’t cover making the new suit.

Well, here is a replacement article on the new bug! I hope it helps! I will be doing more articles like this, but only when I finish a cosplay from now on, as I think these articles are more helpful than my original series of No Sew Cosplay articles.

UPDATE: There is a video now detailing how to make the suit!


My wig is an Epic Cosplay wig in Black and Blue Infusion. Unfortunately, these wigs are kind of hard to find and the exact one I found is currently out of stock. However, Arda currently has wigs that are Midnight Blue in color that works just as good.

Now, you can style your wig like mine if you want, however I don’t exactly recommend my process. Basically, I cut the wig shorter to the point where I wanted the pigtails to end, just above the shoulder with a little bit extra length so the bulb shape would not cause it to be too short. I also cut short side bangs past my ears on either side. The rest is just bangs swept to the side.

If you opt not to do that, the Styrofoam ball method is probably the best and there are many videos available showing you how to style it using that. I prefer this video, however, as just using hairspray won’t increase the weight of your wig!

The next step I did in the process was tie the wig into two ponytails with regular hair-ties in red. Afterward, I sprayed it heavily with Fructis Style Extreme Control Hair Spray while forming a ball shape as best I could by pulling at the hair. Finally, I used GORILLA GLUE to hold the ends together, letting it dry and then snipping off the excess. The wig requires restyling occasionally but the ends will never be able to separate without ruining the wig.

Earrings: It’s been years since I have been able to wear earrings and I didn’t exactly want to pierce my ears just for the sake of one cosplay. Instead, I opted to use magnetic earrings.

-The great thing is that these magnetic earrings don’t hurt my ears at all, but I don’t have sensitive ears.

-The bad thing is that you can knock them off if you are rough. So make sure to place them on only after you are finished with your wig, makeup, etc and don’t swipe your ears while wearing them.

-Another good thing is that if you lose them they tend to stick to anything metal nearby and most likely the red side will make it easier to find.

I painted the earrings red with acrylic paint, then added the dots with the same type of paint. I then used clear nail polish and painted over it to prevent the paint from peeling off or chipping. The great benefit of these earrings is that they are reversible, meaning you can use them for your Marinette cosplay as well.

Hair Ties: Using that same hairspray I used on my wig, I sprayed the heck out of some ribbons and tied them through the hair ties for my wig. Simple enough!


This method won’t work for everyone, as it requires using liquid latex, which could give an allergic reaction to some people. Make sure you don’t have a latex allergy before using this technique!

The great thing about using a liquid latex mask is you have a full range of your facial expressions.

When you first make the mask, you have to glue your eyebrows down with Elmer’s glue or the latex will become stuck in the hairs. I don’t know if you would lose them.

This video explains in full how to make a liquid latex mask:

The only changes I made was the shape, closeness to the eyes and I also flipped mine inside out so that the smoother side faces outward. I painted mine with acrylic paint.

I use red eye shadow and then regular black eyeliner and mascara to finish up my eyes to give them a seamless look. If you have trouble finding red eye shadow, try your local Sephora or Ulta Beauty!

Attach your mask with spirit gum whenever you want to wear it but I do recommend getting remover as well or a package deal as the spirit gum is hard to take off.

I used this same method for my Chat Noir cosplay! With black eye shadow, of course.


I actually got this idea from MichiGoPyon, who used two extra large googly eyes (which you can get at Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s) to create a LED attack Yo-Yo. I bought two from Hobby Lobby, glued black parachute cord to a trim spool and glued that into the middle using gorilla glue. You can easily loop the cord around your waist and around the yo-yo a few times, then loop it in on itself to hold it in place. Of course, paint it with the Miraculous LadyBug yo-yo design.


And finally, the suit!

The material used is called Clear Dot Spandex in Red and Black available on Spandex World’s website! I purchased 3 yards of red and 1 yard of black, which left me with almost a yard extra of red.

Pattern M7269 for A  was the closest I could find to a bodysuit pattern for LadyBug, but required several modifications. The first was a long rectangle folded in half for the collar, which was cut out of the black fabric. The second was the hands which required extending the sleeve pattern and adding a glove pattern to it. The closest I can explain to what I did was adding this to the pattern:


For the legs, I simply extended them down in length by about the length of my foot, and curved it at the end so that it looked sort of like a sock.

After following the rest of the pattern steps and sewing the glove portion and then adding the collar before the zipper, I had the main suit done.

The hardest part was sewing the spots. It takes 102-103 spots for LadyBug, which is no easy feat. I was helped by an awesome person on Instagram (NozoBleed) and given a diagram she found but I’m not sure where it comes from or what to link to. The best I can give you is:

Torso Front= 12 spots

Torso Back= 9 spots

Torso Sides = 2 spots each side

Legs Front: 7 each

Legs Back= 6 each

Legs Inside= 6 each

Legs Outside= 7 each

Arms Front= 4 each

Arms Outside= 4 each

Arms Back= 5 each

I cut each spot out doubling the fabric for the black, so I only had to cut out 51 circles. I cut them semi-larger than intended and sewed trims on all of them using a sewing machine. I then sewed them BY HAND to the suit.

And yeah, that’s pretty much it! Good luck~



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