Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016 Review

On Sunday 8/7/16 I headed spontaneously to Tampa Bay Comic Con. Being a huge fan of comic book characters represented in movies overall, and a MAJORLY huge fan of the Spider-Man comics still had never convinced me to attend this convention. Primarily because I had the thought ingrained in my skull that Tampa Bay Comic Con centered almost solely upon super hereos in comic books and I would feel left out as I predominately cosplay characters from cartoons and other forms of Western Animation.

How incredibly wrong I was.

Tampa Bay Comic Con is much more than just a comic book convention. It has a diverse range of Horror, Cartoons, Anime and TV Media all represented. That was incredibly apparent during the Cosplay Parade I participated in when there were groups of cosplayers divided into similar categories before marching proudly through the halls downstairs.

Not only were the cosplayers diverse, but the attendees in general came from all walks of life. From those that were experiencing their very first convention, to parents bringing their overly excited kids while they puzzled over the popularity of something called ‘Undertale’ to pro cosplayers that had invested 1000’s of hours into their incredibly intricate costume; Tampa Bay Comic Con pretty much had everyone hyped. And reasonably so. The guest list was impressive, featuring big names such as Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead and Charlie Cox from DareDevil.

While I only attended the panel for the Cosplay Parade, the schedule also had a huge range of cool panels for a Sunday, representing all sorts of geekdom including Fiction Writing, Cosplay Help and more.

More importantly, at least on Sunday, I managed to walk in through the door, grab my ticket and head straight into the convention without much waiting. Which is the same experience one could expect from most conventions on Sunday, which is notoriously a slow day. However, the attendance was definitely a lot higher than I have experienced with conventions such as MetroCon on the same day. More importantly, the organization of the lines, the staff overall being very respectful, polite and cheerful was definitely a huge plus. Of course, conventions can’t please everyone but overall I have heard less negative about the convention staff than I typically hear from a good chunk of big cons in the Florida area. I was greeted twice by the same staff member with huge enthusiasm each time and the staff at the ticket booth were joking and laughing with me, asking me about my cosplay and what it was from.

Basically, I had a blast. I can’t wait until they announce next years dates and you can expect to find me at Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017~



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