Danny Phantom Cosplay Tutorials

If you’re thinking about GOING GHOST, I’ve got you covered in these tutorials just in time for Halloween/nostalgic overload for the show =D


Danny Phantom 10 Years Later?

If you guys haven’t already heard the news, Butch Hartman recently released a video on his Youtube Channel where he draws what he would imagine Danny Phantom, Sam and Tucker to look like ten years later after the original series. You can watch the video here:

Tucker Foley is given an updated look, including his hat. He’s gotten updated tech and could even be running for President. Even if he’s not going to be running the country, Tucker is still a modern day Steve Jobs.

Sam Manson’s gothic look is changed to be more hipster, which is more in nowadays. She also has had experience fighting ghosts along side of Danny and is now his sidekick, sporting amazing ghost hunting gear.

Danny Phantom has been fighting ghosts for ten years now and is in great shape. Not only that, but his look has a more Captain America-vibe to it. His original suit has been updated, including incorporating the Fenton Thermos into his suit, giving him extra power as ghosts are captured.

Not only does Butch hint in the video that we might see this “actually animated someday,” but he did a follow up video where he was interviewed by KMACK, in which he says that in the “current version of the show” we don’t know if Vlad has a sister, hinting at plans to make more episodes. He’s also said that the show is in “hibernation” not cancelled until it wakes up again. This gives hope that Nickelodeon could bring the show back, as its creator at least has ideas and plans for the future.

If you’d like to see the show back, definitely tweet to Nick and let them know! Every voice helps and it would be cool to see this show GO GHOST again!

Miraculous LadyBug Costume Tutorials

Hey you guys! With Halloween fast approaching, it’s no wonder a lot of you guys and gals want to cosplay as your favorite superheroes… LadyBug and Chat Noir! Let’s be real here, hahaha. Well, I’ve done quite a few tutorials on the dynamic duo and some parts of them might be helpful to you, I hope. Obviously everyone’s cosplay of them is going to be different so just have fun with it!