Blog Plans~

Hey guys! You might have noticed that I haven’t been posting quite as regularly on the blog and if I do post, it’s typically to share my videos on my Youtube Channel. That’s because I mostly want to focus on tutorials and also skits and parodies over on my channel and that takes a lot of my time now-a-days. My reviews of games and movies have also stopped, mostly because I was forcing myself to do them versus doing it out of the love to review. SO, what does that mean for the blog?

Well, the good news is that I’ve had some time to think of what I can do with the blog. And nothing will really change? The blog will still primarily focus on cosplay. But instead of doing tutorials in written format when I’ve already done a video explaining, I’ll be placing prop tutorials here. This is essentially because, prop vids are hard to film and also tend to bore people in video format or just be overly complicated to explain. So, here I’ll be detailing my steps in making props using photographs and detailed explanations. Hopefully that should be very informative and make some things easier for yah’ll! I’ll still be posting my videos semi-regularly but interspersed with the blogs so that it’s not a wall of spam of videos any longer.

My first prop that I’ll be showing how to make will be Star Butterfly’s phone~ So get ready for that! =D


2 thoughts on “Blog Plans~

    • Haha yeah or sometimes they just don’t really get a lot of attention and they take a LONG time to film, add vocals to and edit. But writing is a LOT easier to do. Thank you!


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