ShadoCon Vlog~

This year I had the pleasure of attending Saturday and Sunday of ShadoCon, located in St. Petersburg, FL. This convention is incredibly small, taking place inside of a Hilton near Bayshore but it was incredibly fun. It had a lot of opportunities for photos with photographers and definitely was a very low-key convention. The panels also seemed pretty good as well. The cost might have been kinda high for a convention this small but ultimately I think the fun was worth it. Also, you could probably easily attend in the hallways without having a con pass and get the majority of the main experience, lol! Especially because the majority of the artisans are outside of the vendors room anyhow. I went as Judy Hopps from Zootopia on Sat, but didn’t get much footage. Sunday, however, I attended as Blood Moon Ball Marco with my friend NekoUsagiTV as Blood Moon Ball Star. We had a blast together and the vlog is mostly footage of us goofying around.


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