MegaCon Tampa Bay: Sunday Vlog

I just realized that I never shared my vlog from Sunday of MegaCon Tampa Bay on my blog! If you all like Voltron, this is definitely very Voltron heavy!! I went as Lance and it was a blast. The fandom for Voltron is just so sweet and overall such a fun community. Really looking forward to going back to MegaCon Tampa Bay again next year! The convention was super well laid out and organized. Props to the team who set this up and made it great! Especially for its very first year in Tampa!


Keith’s Dagger from Voltron

Hey guys~! Wow, it’s been a while since I sat down and actually put a lot of time and effort into a post. Today I’m going to show yah’ll have to make Keith’s dagger from Voltron!


-Foam Board

-Exacto Knife


-Sanding Paper/Sanding Block

-Gorilla Glue

-Hot Glue

-Eva Foam/Silly Wink’s Foam

-1 Round Dowel

-Leather wrap

-Modge Podge

-Arcylic Paint

-Ink Pen

-Silver Metalic Spray Paint

-Flat Light Gray Spraypaint

1.) The first thing I did was take some foam board from the craft store and trace out the shape of the dagger, including the grip. I then cut out the shape with an exacto knife and then copied that onto another layer of foam board.

2.) After those pieces were glued together and completely dry, I beveled the edges of the craft foam using the exacto knife, cutting at an angle to make the edges pointy all the way around the blade portion of the knife. For obvious reasons, don’t bevel the grip of the knife!

3.) Modge Podge the entire knife. I did about 2-3 coats of modge podge. Once that is try, sand it down! If the dagger isn’t smooth, continue to add more layers.

4.) Spray paint the entire blade portion with silver metallic spray paint. Once dry, cut out a small rectangular piece of foam with a point about the shape and size of where you want to leave the silver and attach it to the dagger. Spray paint the flat gray color now. Your blade should end up looking like this now:


5.) Cut the edge of the grip down into a point and glue the round beveled piece to the edge. You can paint this piece now with black paint~

6.) Cut the leather pieces you have into long strips. Using gorilla glue, glue these pieces to the dagger making sure to cover the entire grip and part of the way up the blade. Use a sewing pin or clamp to hold the leather in place until it dies.


7.) Once your leather is dry, if it happens to be the wrong color, paint with acrylic paint. If the leather is shiny you have to sand it down first so make sure to get just plain leather. As with anything, painting it one flat color will make it look cartoony. To make it look more realistic, I recommend doing a few layers of a darker color then building upon it with a lighter shade of the same color.


8.) Cut out two pieces of Eva Foam the size and shape of the sheath, which should be about 3/4th’s the length of the dagger itself!



9.) Once you have these pieces, hot glue the edges together. Cut out a very very thin piece the width of the two sheets pressed together, and the length of all the way around the sheath on the edge. Glue this to the edge using hot glue~


10.) Modge podge the entire sheath using 3-4 coats to smooth the edges of the foam that was glued to the sides out a bit. Let dry. Spray paint with silver metallic spray paint all the way around.

11.) Using brown acrylic paint, paint in the brown portions of the sheath. Use several shades of brown to create more depth. Dark around the edges of where the leather should be, lighter towards the middle. Use an ink pen to outline the edges and make the silver portions have a sharper line, giving the illusion of depth.

12.) Using dry brown paint, brush the edges of the silver metallic spray paint on the sheath. After a few seconds, take a damp tissue and wipe some of it away, giving the silver more of a tarnished appearance.


And that’s how I made my Keith Dagger from Voltron for a friend~ Have fun guys~ Hope this tutorial helped! In the future expect more prop tutorials with more step-by-step photos than what I had here. I didn’t start taking photos early enough with this one. I’ll also try to be as informative as possible~!