Dipper and Mabel’s Guide to Disney World

I really actually want to run around everywhere as Dipper and Mabel! It’s so much fun. Desu Delite and I had a fantastic time at Mickey’s Not So Scary and since you can dress up for the park, it was the perfect opportunity to go as the Mystery Twins. I filmed some of our antics and put them into a vlog~


Christmas Count Down: Day 24

While I was at Megacon Fan Days I ran into a lot of awesome vendors. One of my favorites was Cute Panda Co which had a number of fan art pieces from my favorite things (Gravity Falls, 5 Nights at Freddys, Over the Garden Wall, etc).

Bill Cipher Badge


Freddy Fazbear Badge


Wirt from Over the Garden Wall Pin


(Of course, I got the Wirt and Mabel Buttons ftw.)


Christmas Count Down: Day 37

If you are as big of a fan of Gravity Falls as I am, you’re probably on the edge of your seat waiting for the next episode of the series right now. Bill Cipher is playing a pivotal role in Weirdmaggedon…

Name’s Bill! But you can call me your new lord and master for all of eternity!


Well, this awesome light up lamp is just so awesome, I couldn’t resist sharing it despite the fact it has no reviews at all as of yet. It’s engraved with 3D details, has a remote controller that lets you select different color choices and is 7.5 x 3 x 10 inches in size (so pretty small actually).


A darkness approaches. A day will come in the future where everything you care about will change… Until then I’ll be watching you! I’ll be watching you..

No Sew Cosplay: Soos from Gravity Falls


My letter posits a salient question. ‘Sup dawg? I heard you needed something fixed! So, welcome to Fixin’ It with Soos!

Hat: Fortunately, it’s super easy to find a brown baseball cap. If you’re struggling to pull this off though, one just like this should do perfectly. This one is one size fits most.


Shirt: There is only one shirt I was able to discover that looked like Soos’. Unfortunately, it does not show the back, which should say ‘staff’ in capital letters, but the ‘?’ on the front is the closest I have seen. Worst case scenario, you could easily ask the seller what the backside looks like or easily add the letters with some fabric paint but it should still work for this cosplay. This shirt comes in sizes up to XXL. Make sure you get a fairly large size! You could also layer up to increase your mass if needed.


Shorts: Cargo shorts are pretty perfect for a fix-it man. A pair might not be lying around your house though. If that’s the case, then one just like this should do nicely! These are fairly long, which should work nicely for covering most of your legs as well, similar to Soos’.


Socks: Don’t have white socks? Well, that just won’t do. Like, seriously, you need to rethink your life. White socks are everywhere. Well, regardless, white socks just like these ones should do nicely. They are over the calf, which will also help make your legs look a bit more stubby if needed.

Shoes: Despite the rest of Soos’ outfit seeming to be geared toward a typical outfit for a fix-it-man, Soos seems to be wearing a pair of either regular tennis shoes or loafers. That being said, loafers just don’t seem to fix Soos’ style and he doesn’t seem to have laces. Instead, I would go with a brown slip-on walking shoes, which are sort of a medium between the two.


So how would you wait my handy work on the Awesomeometer?


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Cartoon Series Review: Gravity Falls


It took me a long time to watch Gravity Falls. Too long, in fact. It was only after seeing posts from it on Tumblr that I decided to investigate the show and finally watched the episode Summerween. I realized just how much I had been missing pretty quickly and became hooked on the show, watching both seasons all the way up to the latest episode Weirdmaggedon in just a few days time.


About: Gravity Falls is a cartoon series that airs on Disney created by Alex Hirsch. The main characters, Dipper and Mabel Pines, are twins, inspired by the fact that Alex Hirsch and his sister, Ariel are also twins. Dipper and Mabel move to Gravity Falls to stay with their Great Uncle, Grunkle Stanford Pines for the Summer. They realize soon after that there is more about Gravity Falls than meets the eye, as Dipper discovers a mysterious Journal, Journal #3, that delves into peculiarities that the Author found while there. The entries turn out to be true as Dipper and Mabel encounter bizarre creatures like Zombies, Gnomes, etc all while working for their Grunkle to help run his tourist trap, The Mystery Shack. Gravity Falls is not just meant for kids either. The show has received critical acclaim and has been nominated for several awards. It won an Annie Award for Voice Acting in an Animated TV Series and Best Animated TV/Broadcast Production for Children.

Warning! Potential Spoilers Ahead!

The Plot: Without going into too much spoiler territory, I can say that without a doubt, Gravity Falls has an overarching plot that drives the entire show.  More than having a “villain of the week” to the show, Gravity Falls takes the time to build up more mysteries that aren’t solved right away. Their Grunkle acts peculiar and is hiding something, but what? Who is the Author of the journals? Dipper and Mabel also make enemies that carry over into other episodes, such as Gideon and Bill Cipher. Parts of the show also hint toward an Apocalypse! Ciphers and Easter Eggs are riddled throughout the show as well, giving enthusiasts plenty to puzzle about while they wait for the next episode. Gravity Falls also tackles a lot of darker themes that are usually avoided in a children’s show. The most comparable cartoon to Gravity Falls, in my opinion, would be Over the Garden Wall.



Characters/Character Development: The characters were definitely what ended up drawing me in and making the show stick with me. Dipper is the smart, observant one while his sister Mabel is boy crazy and super energetic. Dipper is jealous of Mabel for her ability to be outgoing and a social butterfly, while Mabel is jealous of her brother for his intelligence. Grunkle Stan appears to just be a con-man who is great at tricking unsuspecting tourists out of their cash. Soos is the fix-it guy. A “man child” no one’s really sure of his age for most of the series. He’s youthful at heart and also super dependable. Other characters include Wendy, a tough-as-nails woman from a family of Lumberjacks; Robbie, a stereotypical emo teen and the town crazy, Old Man McGucket.

These might seem like the ultimate cliches, but the characters are more interesting and complex than they appear to be right away as the story progresses and I think that’s what keeps me ultimately hooked to them. For instance, the twins might fight and bicker but at the end of the day they still love and care for each other, will come to the other’s aid and will band together as a team to get something accomplished. They might be fighting in one scene and in the next be laughing at a shared joke. An example would be that despite Dipper’s huge crush on Wendy and his clear opportunity to finally get ahead in building a relationship with her, he sacrifices this opportunity to ensure that his sister wins a prize pig in the episode ‘The Time Traveler’s Pig’.


Another example would be in the very first episode, Tourist Trapped, we’re introduced to Old Man McGucket. He seems like the town crazy… The weirdo everyone avoids? But there’s more to McGucket than meets the eye as he’s been shown to have an understanding of mechanics and building elaborate contraptions. The story there unravels later down the road, but is hinted at the entire series until the revelation.


The Humor: The Humor in Gravity Falls is definitely a major portion of the show just as much as the dark underlying tones. The show uses slapstick humor, potty humor and even adult humor that passes under the radar. One minute you might be seeing a Gnome throwing up a rainbow and the next it’s commenting on societal issues that kids might not catch, but would be humorous enough for adults (for instance, the fact that the Mystery Shack’s letter ‘S’ always falls off, making it look like it says ‘Mystery Hack’). Basically, it gives kids enough to laugh at due to the over the top nature of a lot of scenes, while also slipping in things that adults can appreciate.

The following are all actual quotes from the show:




The Score/OST: This animated series was nominated and won for Main Title and there is a good reason why. It’s twisty, a little bit dark and catchy that playing it on repeat is addictive… *shifty eyes* N-no I don’t have it on repeat right now, why do you ask? *tugs on collar*. Care is also taken for the rest of the OST to fit in well with the episode, changing for ‘humorous” portions to “scary” or “action packed” when needed utilizing a wide range of instruments to convey the feelings across to its audience. Nothing is as impactful as the main opening, however, and you won’t really realize how much of an influence the track really has on your mood while watching unless you pay attention to it closely as it blends in so perfectly.

The Animation: Take a minute to admire the background art of the show…





The Scares/Creepy Elements: I’m honestly not quite sure how Gravity Falls gets a lot of its humor across, being a Disney show, other than the fact that it’s so subtle that kids probably won’t notice it. However, the dark elements of the series are so blatant that it’s hard to ignore. Gravity Falls holds back a lot from being over the top on its dark elements, of course, being a kid’s show, but it takes opportunities to make sure you’re reminded that this is a show about the supernatural and can get creepy. I mean, some of it is just nightmare fuel… And I love it! The intro even shows Dipper running into the skeletal remains of a monster. The episode ‘Northwest Mansion Mystery’ shows a blood red substance leaking from the mouths and eyes of the heads of mounted animals, ‘The Inconveniencing’ episode features a ghost haunting where a floating brain, face and veins appears and ‘Into the Bunker’ presents a horrible creature that’s able to shape shift into some creepy stuff.





Have you seen Gravity Falls yet? If so, what did you think?

No Sew Cosplay: Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls


Step right in folks and behold!

Fez Hat: Don’t worry! There are Stan fez hats out there already made like this one (top picture). Thankfully, it’s made for all sizes as well, so anyone can wear it and the reviews are mostly positive. They also have the first style of Fez (bottom picture) that Stan is wearing during the opening for Gravity Falls so you can choose which style you’d prefer. Fez hats are typically made cheaply as well, so you probably won’t find anything of better quality for that price (I used to work for a gift shop that sold them. N-no… It wasn’t the Mystery Shack!? Or… Was it!?).



Eye Patch: A completely optional piece, you could toss in an eye patch to put overtop of either of Stan’s eyes. Remember that he puts this OVER his classes though. Practically, I’m not sure if it’ll work but give it a shot~ This one here is supposed to be one size fits all.

Glasses: While I’ve seen a lot of cosplay pics of Grunkle Stan that look freakin’ fantastic that used black rim glasses that were all the way around, I really noticed right away that Stan’s glasses actually don’t have a rim around them on the bottom. Instead, they’re closer to these ones here known as an English Warfarer style with a half frame. You can check out pictures in the customer review section also to see if you agree with me that they look a heck of a lot better than these plus they have fantastic reviews.


Suit: Now, a suit by itself can end up costing a lot, especially if you’re looking for a particular one. I tried at first to find a suit with just one button, but the ones I found that weren’t slimming fit were not cheap. You could just put a blazer together with some pants and make a suit, which ends up being a lot cheaper anyhow. Just try to get the colors of black as close as possible when doing this so it looks consistent.



Tie: Grunkle Stan is wearing what’s called a Colonel Tie in a dark red to maroon color like this one here. While the picture isn’t the greatest, the reviews are good. Not only that, but it’s not a clip on and instead goes on with a band, which is probably a lot easier as some of the reviews for another one I found were saying the clip was not working properly.

Undershirt: It’s like… Some sort of conspiracy that a lot of cosplays require a long sleeve dress shirt… Hmmm… I’m sure Dipper would be interested in this kinda thing, but that won’t sell merch in the Mystery Shack so MOVING ON.


Shoes: Grunkle Stan… Really should be wearing black shoes with this outfit. Did anyone notice how much he needs Fashion Advice from Mabel?! Well, moving on real quick before he gets mad. I’m pretty sure that Stan is supposed to be wearing light brown Oxford shoes. You could definitely get a darker color in order for it to match better but… He’s really actually wearing that light of brown.


Alright, now that’s over with… Wait, were those sirens!? Gotta go!


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No Sew Cosplay: Ford Pines from Gravity Falls


Please… Call me, a friend!

Glasses: Ford is wearing a pair of large glasses with a “nerd” frame. They are huge, really! I personally like these pair because they are the correct style that Ford is wearing. The lenses are clear as well. I’m not sure if the material would crack? Instead I would take some paint and draw on a crack versus attempting anything else, as you might shatter the lens entirely. These are also unisex!


Coat: Stanford is wearing what’s either a trench coat or a field coat with elbow patches. It is ripped on the bottom as it is old. I think that the design is vintage, since the coat was from around the 70’s to 80’s. I managed to find one but in a women’s style like this one (top picture). However, I’m sure it would still work, especially if you leave the belt untied. Only problem is that this one does not have any chest pockets so you wouldn’t be able to have a pen in a pocket like Stanford. Alternatively, you could get a field jacket like this one (bottom picture) in an extra large size (to get closer to the length).



Sweater: Uncle Ford is wearing a darker red turtleneck sweater. Since there are a lot of details in this sweater, I’d think it would be a good idea to get one with cable knitting or at least a ribbed knitting. I personally like this one here.


Strap: I’m honestly not sure what the purpose of Stan’s strap is. It’s not attached to a bag that I can tell and it’s really just a belt slung over his chest. For now, until we know what the purpose is for this, I’d recommend getting a brown nylon belt and strapping it across. I’ve seen people also use leather belts, but I think this more closely matches the type of belt Ford has on.


Pants: For Ford’s pants, you could either do black jeans like these ones (top picture), especially if you happen to already have a pair in order to lower the cost of the cosplay. Or you could alternatively use a pair of black tactical pants like these ones (bottom picture). I personally like the tactical pants and think this would fit better, but I’m not sure how well this would look with the sweater. The jeans would probably be your best bet.



Boots: With Ford, like Wendy, it’s difficult to tell what type of boots he’s really wearing. Due to the lack of shoelaces on the boots, my assumption is that he is also wearing a pair of working boots like these ones due to his occupation. Alternatively, you could probably get away with safety boots or rain boots to keep the cost a bit lower.


Extra Fingers(?): I have not been able to find any sort of tutorial video on how to make it appear that you have extra fingers. Stanford has six fingers on each hand, after all. Your best bet if you are handy enough (get it) would be to make Ford’s gloves from Dungeons, Dungeons and More Dungeons and use those to add a sixth finger as I think any sort of attached latex might not hold up or look right. I don’t think this will make or break a cosplay of him though if you hide your hands in photo-ops or have someone photoshop you extra fingers afterward.


And now, you’re hip to the times. Like eight tracks, those are still popular right?


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No Sew Cosplay: Wendy from Gravity Falls


I make the rules, sucka! BOOSH!

Hat: Wendy almost always has her lumberjack hat on even while indoors work in the Mystery Shack. It’s basically her trademark piece!


Flannel Shirt: Honestly, nothing beats wearing an actual flannel shirt for this cosplay. I’ve seen pictures after researching of cosplayers that used real flannel shirts versus those that tried to paint on the lines exactly as she has then in the cartoon. The former really works the best and looks the most realistic, in my opinion. So, grab a light green flannel shirt and roll up the sleeves a tad and you should be good to go.


Undershirt: Wendy wears a plain white tank top underneath of her flannel shirt. I’m not sure whether or not it’s a spaghetti strap or a normal tank, but either one will work honestly.

Pants: While there aren’t a lot of details drawn into Gravity Falls because of the more simplistic art style (which is awesome~), Wendy is most likely wearing jeans as it would make sense along with the rest of her attire. A dark blue to almost charcoal grey color would be the best for this cosplay. They are pretty tight jeans as well.


Shoes: While hiking boots would definitely work for this cosplay and fit in with the rest of the outfit, Wendy’s shoes in actuality seem to have no laces to them versus Dipper’s that do. This leads me to believe that the Gravity Falls wiki is correct when it says that she is wearing a pair of dark brown rain boots, especially given the strap on the side.


Earrings: It’s pretty easy to find fake stud earrings~! Wendy has one on each ear in the typical spot: the earlobe. These are magnetic and have good reviews. Some say that they wish the magnets were a bit stronger, but there are plenty in a pack.

Name Tag: I found this awesome name tag you can customize online with any name of your choice. All you have to have is a white background with black text and the name “Wendy” if you want to add that to your attire. She only wears this while on duty at the Mystery Shack.


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