Cosplay Tutorial: David from Camp Camp

A tutorial on how to cosplay as your favorite Camp Counselor! David! Does not include a tutorial on how to sing as quickly as Miles, however.


Fran Bow Cosplay

I finally managed to pull together this cosplay! And I’m pretty okay with it? I have to improve the makeup a tad but here is my first time trying it on all together. =D Have a Happy and Safe Halloween. Oh, yes, and have you seen my kitty…? His name is Mr. Midnight.


Miraculous LadyBug Costume Tutorials

Hey you guys! With Halloween fast approaching, it’s no wonder a lot of you guys and gals want to cosplay as your favorite superheroes… LadyBug and Chat Noir! Let’s be real here, hahaha. Well, I’ve done quite a few tutorials on the dynamic duo and some parts of them might be helpful to you, I hope. Obviously everyone’s cosplay of them is going to be different so just have fun with it!

Christmas Count Down: Day 36

I am one of those people that usually ends up getting socks at some point or another for Christmas. Not that I mind socks or anything… But if you know someone that’s into a lot of scary things, or shows like The Walking Dead, I’ve found the coolest gift idea…

Zombie socks!


They also have caution tape socks like these that you could mix-match with!


Or if that’s not your cup of tea, I also found these epic Zombie slippers!