No Sew Cosplay: Mavis from Hotel Transylvania ReVAMP

As Halloween is fast approaching, I decided to do a REVAMP version of my Mavis from Hotel Transylvania! This shows you how to do the makeup, clothing and how to look fangtastic~


HOLY RABIES! Hotel Transylvania 3 Announced!

Sony Pictures Animation announced it’s 2017 and 2018 line-up which includes Smurfs: The Lost Village, a Spider-Man Animated feature and HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3! Heck, I love Spider-Man, of course, but with him getting so many reboots and reincarnations, I can’t keep track. Hotel Transylvania 3 promises to have an interesting premise, with Director Genndy Tartakovsky quoted as saying, “I thought I was done exploring the world ofHOTEL TRANSYLVANIA after the first two films, but while I was away from the franchise finishing my TV show SAMURAI JACK, an idea sparked that I got really excited about and made it irresistible to return and helm myself this third adventure.” (source

Could this mean that we’re in store for something brand new in the third installment? We’ll have to wait a while to finally see, unfortunately, but I’ll be enjoying my scream cheese and sitting on the edge of my seat until then~


Movie Review: Hotel Transylvania 2


It’s super rare for me to actually enjoy a sequel to an original film. In fact, despite my love of Rainy With a Chance of Meatballs, the second proved to be an utter and complete mess. That being said, Hotel Transylvania 2 had more chances of success with the first movie being so utterly awesome. So with Hotel Transylvania 2, I was cautiously optimistic. But Holy Rabies, was it good~

About: 7 years after Johnny first arrived at Hotel Transylvania and rocked the Monster world, he and Mavis Dracula have gotten married and even had a half-vampire, half-human son named Dennis. Mavis is highly protective of Dennis, however, forcing her dad, Drac, to baby proof the entire Hotel. Despite no signs that Dennis possesses vampire-traits, Drac is optimistic that his grandson is indeed a vampire, claiming that Drac DNA is strong. Still, Mavis feels it’s too dangerous for Dennis to stay around monsters and considers moving Johnny, herself and Dennis to Johnny’s childhood neighborhood. Drac plots with his monster buddies to take Dennis to some old haunts to “scare” the vampire fangs out of him, roping Johnny into assisting by taking Mavis to his old neighborhood to show her around while they babysit Dennis. Can Drac and his pack scare the fangs out of Dennis before Mavis moves the family away? They only have until Dennis turns 5! On IMDB Hotel Transylvania 2 has a 6.8/10 rating and only a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics and a 67% from the audience.

Bleh Bleh Bleh! Spoilers are beyond, human!

The Plot/Characters: The plot of Hotel Transylvania is that Dennis is showing absolutely no signs of becoming a vampire. That leaves him, a human, to grow up in the monster world where things are more dangerous for him. Mavis has become incredibly overprotective of her son, while Johnny feels like Dennis is fine but is too scared to speak up. Dracula comes up with this scheme to enlist Johnny to take Mavis to visit her in-laws, keeping her distracted but also not having too much fun so she won’t want to move everyone. In the meantime, Drac and his pack consisting of Murray, Frank, Wayne, Griffin and even Blobby set out to take Dennis to many old haunts of theirs in order to scare the fangs out of him. Unfortunately, things aren’t like they used to be. People aren’t afraid of Frank and want to take pictures with him, thinking monsters are cool; Murray can’t conduct his old spells with his bad back; Wayne no longer hunts for his food as a werewolf and Griffin is, well, invisible. Even Drac’s old camp teaches kids the safe way. Drac takes Dennis up to a very rickety old tower as a last resort, where Drac originally learned to fly, and drops him off of it. But when Dennis doesn’t fly, Drac rescues him at the last minute.


Meanwhile, while Mavis at first seemed to be enjoying herself in the human world, she finds that she isn’t quite fitting in. The events of Drac dropping Dennis off the tower go viral, leading Mavis to discover that Dennis is not safe and sound at the Hotel, prompting her to barge back home. Now upset, she decides to move out for sure after Dennis’ 5th birthday. Mavis invites her grandfather Vlad, who is old school, much to the disdain of Drac. Still, they come up with a plan to scare the fangs out of Dennis by using his favorite cartoon monster. Before it can scare him too much, Drac pulls the plug, finally admitting it doesn’t matter if his grandson is a human or a monster.

Where the movie could have gone better is the ending, in my opinion. Dennis runs away and Vlad’s bat monster friends pursue the human, wanting to kill him. Together he and his werewolf friend, Winnie, try to escape but are cornered. Becoming angered, Dennis’ fangs emerge and he begins to fight. Everyone joins in to take down the monsters, including Vlad himself. Great, that’s awesome? But the entire point of the movie up until this point was the moral lesson that it doesn’t matter if you are a monster or a human so this was a bit of an easy escape. Still, the movie ends on a high note with a tighter bond between humans and monsters and the old-school Vlad finally accepting humans as well.


For the most part, all of the characters you knew and loved from the first movie are exactly the same, only we get more background for Drac’s friends and get to learn about Dennis. Dennis is a sweet, innocent kid with an obsession over superheroes and his favorite TV monster, Candy. My only real complaint is that Mavis seems a bit “off”. It could be because she’s more mature and has a child to raise, but she definitely seems overly rigid and definitely a lot less fun than she was only 7 years prior. Of course, again, this could just be character development and the added responsibility. You do finally get to see her cutting loose wants Johnny and her reach California, however, which is good.


Humor: If there is one thing that this movie absolutely nails even more so than its predecessor, it would definitely be the humor. The sequel out-humors the original by a significant margin, which is actually saying quite a lot. Everything from the traditional cartoon humor to the antics of Dracs friends keep this movie very light and definitely chalk full of laughs.

There are so many humorous parts that it’s really hard to nail down just a few. One of the best scenes is when Murray is conducting an Egyptian curse to bring forth a sandstorm. Moving his arms and legs around in “poses” and acting very ominous and evil, he suddenly throws his back out and lands on the ground stuck in an hieroglyph style pose. Murray also gets distracted from hunting in the woods for a meal in an old style werewolf manner by… a Frisbee. Yes, a frisbee which he proceeds to take with them, slobbering and drooling all over their vehicle.


Even Drac attempting to use a smart phone and tapping at it frantically with his long nails and not getting the buttons to work is funny and also highlights the disconnect sometimes between age groups and new technology/thoughts. Also the video that Mavis pulls up is a remix video of the fall and subsequent scenes on Youtube… The movie does a great job making social commentary, also pointing out the differences in thoughts on what safety is for children now and how insurance companies play a part.

I tend not to laugh out loud very much, despite being a person that often uses “lol”. Regardless, I have to admit there were several times I was laughing so hard that it hurt my sides.

Animation: The animation quality is still super up there with the sequel. Sony Motion Pictures obviously did not try to cut corners with the animation team, as some sequels are want to do. Everything I’ve said in my previous Hotel Transylvania Review holds up here for the animation and also the OST.

Overall: If I had to pick an animated sequel that didn’t disappoint, then Hotel Transylvania 2 would probably be pretty high up on the very short list. I was disappointed even with How to Train Your Dragon 2 even, which is saying something after having loved the first movie to pieces. That being said, HT2 isn’t without its flaws and it certainly won’t surprise you much if you saw the first. Still, it’s worth a visit and definitely a rare decent animated sequel or a sequel in general. Even by itself, the film is good and will certainly give adults and children some good laughs. More than the original, actually! And it’s a fun adventure overall!


Have you seen Hotel Transylvania 2? If so, what did YOU think?

Movie Review: Hotel Transylvania


After having just finishing Hotel Transylvania 2, I was going to do a review of the newest movie. However, I think it’s not fair to review the second without doing one of the first! It’s not that I don’t love the second. In fact, I adore it… But I adore it mainly because of the original~

About: Welcome to Hotel Transylvania! A hotel and refuge for monsters from all around the world. It is renown for its hospitality and, best of all, is run by Dracula. When his daughter Mavis turns 118, she wants to leave the Hotel and explore, prompting Drac to try to convince her the outside world is way too dangerous and humans will kill her. Unfortunately, just when things are going well for Drac, a human stumbles into the Hotel and wants to check in! It earned only a 44% on Rotten Tomatoes but a 7.1/10 on IMDB. A sequel, obviously, has been done and a Hotel Transylvania 3 has been announced, as well as a spin-off TV series. And, yes, Drac is voiced by Adam Sandler but you can just ignore that fact. I didn’t even realize it was him for a while. SO MOVING ON!

The Plot/Characters: When Johnny, a human, checks into the Hotel, Drac is convinced that if he gets near Mavis he will be able to make her interest in traveling and leaving the hotel increase. Drac forces Johnny to dress up like a monster; specifically Johnnystein, Frankenstein Monster’s cousin. Despite his makeup and outfit, Johnny still brings his human world with him and shows the monsters at the hotel new ways of looking at things and jazzing up the place. Mavis and he grow closer causing Drac to threaten Johnny to leave the Hotel for good, even after he and Mavis “zinged”. Zinging in Hotel Transylvania means that two people have had “love at first sight”. It’s revealed that the reason Drac wants to keep Mavis away from humans is that his wife perished when their house was set on fire by angry humans many years ago. After learning that Johnny and Mavis zinged, however, will Drac change his mind about the human world?


The plot isn’t too hard to figure out. I mean, cliches are everywhere… But what it does in order to go about it definitely makes Hotel Transylvania worth the trip. All of the characters have been super well thought out. They are all interesting and add their own very specific brand of humor and importance to the movie. Dracula seems super stuck up and set in his ways, but as time passes you learn that he is able to loosen up and have fun. He is just super protective of his baby girl and wants the best for her. Johnny is semi-clueless seeming when he first arrives at the Hotel, but over time you learn he’s actually pretty smart when it comes to specific things. While monsters initially freak him out, he shows a lot of character development and ends up getting along VERY well with all of them. Mavis wants to see what is outside the Hotel for once, as she has been coped up her whole life. We learn how kind and sweet she is but also how spunky and full of life the vampire teen can be. Her entire conflict with her father is also heartwarming and touching as the two finally learn to connect. Mavis and Johnny’s love for each other is also very clear despite the obstacles that crop up between them. I know that the characters had me absolutely glued to the screen. They all had such heart to them and it was really easy to get sucked straight into the world because of it.


And the rest of the monsters are also clearly thought out. My favorite is the werewolf father who has so many pups. He’s clearly run down by the insanity of his children all of the time. Murray, Frankenstein and the Invisible Man are also interesting characters in their own right.

Humor: Hotel Transylvania doesn’t really have much adult humor to it, but it is chalk full of humor that the entire family can appreciate. It uses everything from classic cartoon gags to social commentary to just plain silliness.

There’s a moment in the beginning of the film when Johnny first enters the Hotel where he thinks that all of the monsters are all humans in costumes. He proceeds to walk up to a skeleton, amazed, and stick his hand right through her bones, earning him anger from her husband, who proceeds to berate him for touching his wife. Well, that was awkward! The moment launches Johnny into realization about the monsters in the Hotel, causing him to freak out and run around like a mad man.

A running gag is that Drac says “bleh bleh bleh” and this crops up several times in the movie, earning harsh criticism from Drac himself who claims he never says it.

Animation: Sony Animation has really done a great job with the graphics in this movie. All of the characters have a lot of character in their design (which isn’t a surprise, as this animation studios has also brought us Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs) and everything from the textures to the backgrounds are clearly well thought out and executed. I mean, it’s no pixar film but the animation is still beautiful! In fact, it reminds me heavily of Dreamworks in a lot of ways.


I mean just look at this… Holy Rabies!


And this!




The Score: There isn’t much in the way of an OST for Hotel Transylvania that will be remember-able but what it does have going for it are the songs that it utilizes, which are often parodies of actual songs or wholly original. The Zing Song is definitely my favorite~

Overall: Zanny and full of character, Hotel Transylvania stands up amongst a lot of other animated classics for me and had a nice balance of heart and humor. It’s one of those movies that I would gladly sit down and watch, getting sucked in for the 100th time. I feel the film as a whole is underrated and worth a visit if you enjoy animated family movies. If animated movies aren’t for you though, then maybe you won’t enjoy this particular adventure.


Have you seen Hotel Transylvania? If so, what did YOU think?


Video Series Idea: Cosplay Comments and Questions?

Hey Guys! So I had this idea but I need your help to make it a reality. Basically, I’m hoping to do a video series where I cosplay as different characters (the cosplays I have done so far) and answer comments and questions all while in character for the duration of the video. It would be fun and also give me a chance to interact with followers on my blog and other social media.


I need comments and questions in order to make that a reality. So, all you guys have to do from the blog is message me on this posting for any of the following characters. Just make sure to let me know WHICH character it is for. I won’t be able to make a video until I get about 10 comments for a specific character though across all social media, so please share if you want your comment responded to! You can ask multiple characters, but all ten comments for one character can’t be from the same person for varieties sake.

The Characters/Cosplays:

Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo

Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6

Mavis from Hotel Transylvania

Ashley from Until Dawn

Joy from Inside Out

Fionna from Adventure Time

Papyrus from Undertale

Undyne from Undertale

Marinette from Miraculous LadyBug

LadyBug from Miraculous LadyBug 

(Note: If you tweet me these use these hashtags and mention me too if possible… #CallShaggy, #CallHoney, #CallMavis, #CallAshleyUntilDawn, #CallJoy, #CallFionna, #CallPapyrus, #CallUndyne, #CallMarinette, #CallLadyBug)

Yeah, so that’s pretty much it! Hope you guys like the idea and PLEASE share if you want your comment read. =)

No Sew Cosplay: Jonathan from Hotel Transylvania


Johnnystein (Andy Samberg) in HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA, an animated comedy by Sony Pictures Animation.

Oh, I’m Jonathan! And I was just mountain climbing with some dudes. I heard this story about a spooky forest and who’s not going to go into a spooky forest, right?

Coat: You’ll need an overly large blue cat coat if you want to do Jonathan’s outfit as Frankenstein’s cousin. First, get a coat in a size that is way too large for you. Secondly, use some of these tips to make it look worn and old, including using sandpaper or rubbing off the color from the buttons.

Jersey: I have never seen a shirt that matches as closely to his as this one here (pictured above). Unfortunately, it does not have the white elements to the shirt, but you might be able to get that with fabric paint if you go over it a few times. Honestly, the character is pretty recognizable without the jersey due to his hair so you could probably get away with having the colors be slightly off. I’d get it overly large for sure but not too large. You want it to be long on you, not extremely baggy. Alternatively, this one (pictured below) is an actual jersey. I personally would go with the jersey.



Undershirt: Johnny is wearing a long sleeve orange shirt underneath of his jersey. The material seems to be lighter weight.


Pants: Jonathan wears a pair of tan to almost beige colored cargo shorts like these ones. I would get them as large as possible and maybe use a belt to keep them up to give that look like he’s swimming in the pants.


Socks: Jonathan is wearing a pair of mix-match socks. Both are white, but one of them has a blue stripe and the other an orange. Fear not! You can get a pack of socks with both colors and at the same time be set on socks for a while (also, you won’t see the sports logos when your shoes are on).


Shoes: Jonathan’s shoes are a nightmare of different colors. The top of his tennis shoes is bright blue. The trim around the edge near the tongue of the shoe is red. The sole is yellow to almost white and then green. Finally, the laces are white. Just realistically, you probably won’t find exact shoes like these anywhere. But, getting as close as possible will help boost the recognition. There are a few different tennis shoes that I found that I liked. These ones or, alternatively, these shoes have pretty good color to them. You’d have to switch out the shoe laces for white ones and the Nike swoosh is on the side, however. They are also priceyyyy! Still on the pricey side, but reduced recently, these tennis shoes (pictured below) are probably the best ones that I found but again, switch out the laces.


That outfit is killlingggg itttt!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!

No Sew Cosplay: Mavis from Hotel Transylvania


You’re not quite Daddy’s little stay-at-home girl anymore! In fact, you want to go out and see the entire world! Especially Haweewee!

Vampire Teeth: I would honestly not be a fan of wearing some thick plastic vampire teeth throughout the entire time you are at a convention. Particularly because a lot of talking can happen at a convention. Instead, how about just getting the fangs? The good thing is these also have mostly positive reviews. I know anything I would be sticking in my mouth should have tons of positive reviews. Plus side is that reviewers also said you can also drink with them on. It isn’t recommended to eat though according to most reviewers as the lifespan will drop.

Long Gloves: To pull this cosplay off you might have some difficulty finding extra long gothic sleeves that are fingerless. I know I did! It wasn’t so much the fact that there weren’t any. There are. A lot of options in fact! But finding ones that were sheer, black and had only one loop around a finger just like Mavis’ was pretty darn difficult. Hopefully these made-to-order gloves on Etsy would be perfect!


Shirt: Fortunately, these are easy to find! I recommend paying attention to the length of the shirt, however, because you need to wear it like a dress. This particular (below) shirt also runs small. It is slightly sheer, so you will need a black shirt underneath to help. An alternative would be this shirt though no reviews are written for it yet. EDIT: Also found this one.


Cape: Not a requirement but you could always get a vampire cape to help your costume recognition along. Of course, from what I remember, Mavis wears a very short cape which is kind of hard to find so you might want to go with a kid’s size like this one. EDIT: I found a cheaper one here!

Tights: It’s super easy to find tights like Mavis’. In fact, I found several different versions. My favorite were these however as the red is not too bright and the black is a little faded. These are pretty thin material wise so I recommend making sure that your shirt is long enough or wearing some short black shorts underneath.


Converse Shoes: Converse shoes are super easy to find, but make sure you get ones that are like these which are a lot closer to what Mavis is wearing.


Makeup/Wig: You will need lots of eyeliner, mascara, black lipstick, etc for Mavis. A short black wig like this one should be all you need! You might have to trim the bangs of that particular wig.

And now you’re free to go see what Humans do at a convention! Holy Rabies! Holy Rabies!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!