Video Series Idea: Cosplay Comments and Questions?

Hey Guys! So I had this idea but I need your help to make it a reality. Basically, I’m hoping to do a video series where I cosplay as different characters (the cosplays I have done so far) and answer comments and questions all while in character for the duration of the video. It would be fun and also give me a chance to interact with followers on my blog and other social media.


I need comments and questions in order to make that a reality. So, all you guys have to do from the blog is message me on this posting for any of the following characters. Just make sure to let me know WHICH character it is for. I won’t be able to make a video until I get about 10 comments for a specific character though across all social media, so please share if you want your comment responded to! You can ask multiple characters, but all ten comments for one character can’t be from the same person for varieties sake.

The Characters/Cosplays:

Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo

Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6

Mavis from Hotel Transylvania

Ashley from Until Dawn

Joy from Inside Out

Fionna from Adventure Time

Papyrus from Undertale

Undyne from Undertale

Marinette from Miraculous LadyBug

LadyBug from Miraculous LadyBug 

(Note: If you tweet me these use these hashtags and mention me too if possible… #CallShaggy, #CallHoney, #CallMavis, #CallAshleyUntilDawn, #CallJoy, #CallFionna, #CallPapyrus, #CallUndyne, #CallMarinette, #CallLadyBug)

Yeah, so that’s pretty much it! Hope you guys like the idea and PLEASE share if you want your comment read. =)

Inside Out Painting Canvas

Christmas Count Down: Day 34

I’m not late again… Am I? Aw, dang. I’m sad which is actually perfect because… Well, this time I wanted to share something from Inside Out!

A wall canvas!


This one also has LED lights included that light up and can be used kind of like a night light.

Cosplay Tips: Joy from Inside Out

Hey Folks! Before the actual video comes out, I figured I’d list some helpful tips and advice for a cosplay if you are doing Joy from Inside Out.


1.) Glittery Wig: Did you know it’s possible to get glitter to stick to a wig? I had to do some digging, but discovered that you can use regular glitter like fabric glitter or any other type, hairspray a wig and then quickly sprinkle the glitter on and most of it will stick (keep in mind, glitter goes everywhere and will be on everything. Do not attempt this while wearing a wig. I got glitter in my eyes). The other method, if you for some reason do not have hairspray, would be to take spike hair gel and use that instead. It’s not what the recommendation said and some people seem to dislike using hair gel on wigs? But it works and is fine on Epic Cosplay wigs which are the kind I get.

2.) Dress Pattern: If you can’t find a pattern similar enough for a dress for Joy, use my methods from the article I posted on it here and use fabric paint. You can get fabric paint in squeeze bottle with a small tip which is perfect. Get transparent, white or preferably glittery crystal for the lines and draw them on in a spiderweb type pattern using a ruler to make straight lines. For the flowers, use regular Blue but check to make sure that the color matches. Most big craft stores like Michael’s have it where the color is drawn on something so you can color compare. Draw the lines on first, then the flowers. You can also get fabric paint in GLOW IN THE DARK, so that even if you go to a rave, Joy will glow!

For more tips and advice, stay tuned for my Cosplay video!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone is being safe out there this year~

This year, I went to work as Joy from Inside Out! It was definitely an interesting experience, as I usually only ever dress up for conventions or costume contests… Outside of the house, at least!


Did you guys dress up? If so, who or what did you go as? Feel free to share pictures!

Nerdy Items: These rock!? Literally.

I’ve wanted to do a little special article post on some interesting things I’ve stumbled upon just searching for products on Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. I have seen a lot of cool things! But I actually have a friend of mine that has opened up an Etsy page called KillaROXZ. This page has rocks that are inspired by popular culture too, which just makes my inner nerd love this idea so much more.

Just look at this freakin fantastic Chibi/Minimalist Pikachu rock!? I can’t get over how cute it is. Electrifying!


And, oh my glob, check out these mathematical Adventure Time rocks!


And I think that all of my inner emotions can agree that the Inside Out rocks including Bing Bong are just SO ADORABLE!


Check out more of her awesome rocks here on her product page!

No Sew Cosplay: Joy from Inside Out


Probably the easiest out of all of the Inside Out group is Joy! Her outfit is ridiculously easy but some sites would have you pay upwards of a $100 just for her dress! That’s not even taking into account the makeup and shoes/tights that you might want to use for her nor the wig! Check the Inside Out Cosplay Costume out here that I found!


Dress: The $100 dress is even more ridiculous when you can easily purchase a dress exactly like it here! Just use some fabric paint to create the exact same pattern. Besides the blue flowers, Joy also has white crisscross patterns like a spiderweb. It’s difficult to see in pictures due to her “glow” but you can see this up close via this picture below:

HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 08:  Actress Amy Poehler attends the Los Angeles Premiere and Party for Disney•Pixar’s INSIDE OUT at El Capitan Theatre on June 8, 2015 in Hollywood, California.  (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)
HOLLYWOOD, CA РJUNE 08: Actress Amy Poehler attends the Los Angeles Premiere and Party for Disney•Pixar’s INSIDE OUT at El Capitan Theatre on June 8, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

Shoes: If you are going to a convention, then walking around barefoot or in a pair of yellow socks is really not going to cut it. My suggestion are to get some very discreet yellow ballerina shoes.


Tights: Here I really don’t recommend trying to get away with socks or gloves for the skin. It’s going to be incredibly obvious if you have long gloves on or if you attempt to make it work with socks alone. Tights could work instead but aren’t necessary. Fortunately, Joy’s color is closer to a lot of lighter skin tones, so even if your paint wears off on your hands it won’t be immediately noticeable.

Makeup/Wig: Use the same principles as in the No Sew Cosplay: Disgust From Inside Out article. Complete the look with a wig like this and style it with some hair gel, making sure especially to spike it up in the back or to use a ponytail to get that spiked up look if it is too difficult to get it to stay. I recommend using lots of glitter and adding it to most of your outfit in order to recreate the “glow” that Joy has as compared to the others.

And once you are done you should happily, cheerfully start waving to all your lovely fans!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!

No Sew Cosplay: Disgust from Inside Out


Ugh! You’re really going to go with that shade of green? Ew, no, definitely not wearing that. That dress with those shoes? Uh, hello, those are actually BLUE?

Chiffon Scarf: Took me a bit to learn that this is most likely what’s called a Chiffon Scarf, versus just being a ribbon tied around her neck as most scarves don’t really stick out like that. This chiffon scarf here is about as close as I could find in terms of color though it’s really still up to you if you want to lean more to purple or more pink. While I like the purple to emphasize her green clothing, the last pink version is by far my favorite. Add some glitter (note you can use the green one for the wig as well) and you are good to go!  If you do actually want to be a bit crafty and actually sew something for this cosplay though *gasp* you could could get this spool and cut and hem just the end of the piece so it doesn’t tear. (I think I broke a rule somewhere.)


Dress: What I absolutely love about this retro hepburn dress (left) is that it super closely matches Disgust and also has that belt around that saves you an extra added step of finding one. This one pictured below also has better reviews and could probably even still work WITH a belt. This is an alternative choice though. Regardless you will still need fabric paint to draw in the designs. Keep in mind that the flowers on Disgust’s dress alternate between being light blue and light green/yellow. Mix some paint around until you get the correct color!


Belt: If you went the first route with your dress, then this part will be a bit easier. You will still need to replicate the letter ‘D’ on her belt which should be manageable with more fabric paint. However, I found an awesome retro belt which fits in with the rest of the retro style and has a ‘D’ shape on the front here. All you would need to do is flip it the other way around whilst wearing it and you could always paint the ‘D’ shape darker to emphasize the shape but only after you are sure which belt-notch you are using! Don’t binge eat before the convention after either.


Leggings: It was hard to find capri leggings in general but ones that were dark green were very difficult. Instead I would opt to get these leggings and roll up the ends to make them look a bit shorter, showing off your legs just a tad bit more.


Shoes: Top it all off with the perfect flat shoes! Unfortunately, these don’t come in my size and they might not come in yours either. My runner up would be this pair though realistically any ballerina shoes that are fuchsia or light purple should work perfectly. Since these shoes might be difficult to purchase online since flats fit everyone different, I recommend trying to find a pair like these at the store so you can try them on before purchasing anyhow.


Socks: If you don’t feel like slathering your legs in body paint you can always wear socks like these instead as most of your lower leg won’t be showing anyhow. Keep in mind that if you add these you might want to give yourself more room for your shoes by a half-a-size so they don’t squeeze your feet. Conventions have a lot of walking so it’s important to be comfortable and not in pain.


Makeup/Wig: For the wig I love Epic Cosplay! They have a green one with curly ends that should work very well once styled here! If you have not already seen this awesome tutorial on how to do Disgust’s makeup, check it out here:

And if you did it all right and you look fabulous, you should start noticing that everyone else takes a look at their own clothing choices and pukes because of their utter jealousy. Go show yourself off to the world. W-wait, what’s that between your teeth?


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!

No Sew Cosplay: Fear from Inside Out


B-but what if no one recognizes me at the convention? What if there are spiders!? AH! WAS THAT A SPIDER OVER THERE?

Bow Tie: This is super easy to find and possibly the most simplistic portion of this cosplay. I managed to find this bow tie in only a few seconds. Looking sharp!


Dress Shirt: Pinstripes are always in style, right? Right!? Okay, maybe not but this dress shirt works too perfectly for our purposes to ignore! I recommend getting the size that fits you perfectly and not a size above so that it makes it look pretty form fitting. Remember, Fear is very thin and pencil-like so the more that you make it look like your clothes are tight and long the better. The pinstripes themselves should also help.


Sweater Vest: This is not just an ordinary sweater vest. Oh, no… No… Look closely at that pattern my friend. That is not checkered. That is not just a regular diamond pattern. That is not even argyle which I learned is a pattern. This is a Scottish pattern called Houndstooth that I had no idea even existed on this planet until I tried to find it. Then to actually find a sweater vest that had that pattern… Well, I had to do some major digging and finally managed to find one here. I have not heard of this brand nor have I purchased items from their site, but this bad boy is exactly perfect for Fear!


Gloves: If you feel the need to not have to wear body paint on your hands, which could rub off, you can also do costume gloves like these here instead!

Pants: Of course, make sure to get the Royal Blue color and not the ones in the picture below that are charcoal. But really, any pair of dark blue dress pants with a slim fit should do for our purposes! Roll up the cuff just one time for that extra special attention to detail.


Shoes: While pretty much any shoe will do as long as they are black dress shoes, I think that any shoe that is pointed like this one will also help the illusion that you are tall or emphasize it.


And if you did it all well and you are looking like Fear from Inside Out, then you best make sure not to watch any nightmares in the future. There are some freaky things that happen while on dream duty!

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Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!

No Sew Cosplay: Sadness from Inside Out


Don’t be sad… It’s really not that hard to… To… Cosplay. Oh goodness, but what if it goes all horribly horribly wrong? Then I don’t know! *cries*

Glasses: This cheaper pair with no lenses should do good and are super cheap! However, I personally like this pair because they double as sunglasses and have actual clear lenses in them.


Sweater: This is probably one of the easiest pieces to find for Sadness. The main issue is that this sweater seems to be running in the lower sizes, and I would always prefer to get a bigger size to emphasize her body proportions. This sweater here, however, is one size fits all and has the right stitching plus is really super reasonable price wise. There are a lot of other white sweaters out there though, but make sure to avoid ones with chunky knitting! I also found an alternative one that has different size choices here but it is alpaca wool versus mostly cotton for the other one so it might be a bit hot. Make sure to pull the sweater down far to emphasize Sadness’ short legs.


Gloves: If you are as worried as I am that body paint will come off over time, I recommend getting gloves like these for your hands instead. They are still a light blue and should match everything else alright. You can also do the same thing with your feet by getting light blue socks.

Pants: This is difficult because most of the pants I found were either extremely form fitting, plus-sized which might not work for a variety of readers, or were pajama bottoms with tons of decoration on the sides. I finally got creative and decided to suggest these lovely scrubs instead of the traditional pants. Though you end up with a top thrown in, the pants themselves seem comfortable, are the right color for the most part and definitely look to be along the same material I’d expect Sadness to wear. I’d even suggest wearing the top under the sweater to give the white fabric a blueish tint to it that might help pull the look off better.


Slippers: Another reason why I choose the scrubs for the pants is because Sadness is wearing some slippers. She seems all around to wear things that are comfortable. The type of clothes you wear when you are home, laying on the couch and eating a big huge tub of rocky road ice cream because you just got dumped. And that’s why I think I would want these slippers to complete the look. If they are as good as they look, you’ll be walking on clouds through the entire convention.


Makeup/Wig: See my earlier article on Anger’s makeup and the amazing makeup tutorial video for Disgust that I found on YouTube! I recommend using either a light blue body paint or if they only have dark ones, mixing it with a white so that you don’t end up accidentally looking like a the girl from Willy Wonka. The next thing is to also add blue eyebrow pencil and glittery blue eyeliner. Sadness does have some pink in her cheeks, so adding that in is a good thing. This wig should do nicely and make sure to add some glitter to it for some extra perfection!

And if you did it all right and you look just like Sadness, it’s time to get a close friend to drag you by your foot around the convention hall!


Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!