Cosplay Props: Beatrice from Over the Garden Wall Video

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Christmas Count Down: Day 24

While I was at Megacon Fan Days I ran into a lot of awesome vendors. One of my favorites was Cute Panda Co which had a number of fan art pieces from my favorite things (Gravity Falls, 5 Nights at Freddys, Over the Garden Wall, etc).

Bill Cipher Badge


Freddy Fazbear Badge


Wirt from Over the Garden Wall Pin


(Of course, I got the Wirt and Mabel Buttons ftw.)


Nerdy Items: Over the Garden Wall DVD


Over the Garden Wall DVD

If you are a fan of Over the Garden Wall, or know someone who enjoyed the series that might appreciate this for Christmas, then you should know that this  mini-series was recently released onto DVD on September 8th, 2015!

Over the Garden Wall is a short series that premiered on Cartoon Network about two brothers, Wirt and Greg, that find themselves lost in a mysterious forest. They become friends with a talking Blue Bird, Beatrice, who leads them to find Adelaide with promises that she can help them return home. Along the way, the two brothers encounter bizarre towns and people. All the while, they are warned of The Beast, that lives in the forest.

I already purchased the series myself in digital format, actually even after having seen it three or so times… No, I don’t have a problem!?

Over the Garden Wall Ending

Cosplay: Wirt from Over the Garden Wall


You may or may not have heard of Over the Garden Wall. It’s a very short animated television series that aired on Cartoon Network that totals up to a little over an hour worth of visual content. Despite it being short, this little show instantly makes up for it in its deep social commentary and darker themes including life and death scenarios. Besides actual real reasons why Wirt is awesome as a character, who couldn’t resist wearing a red dunce hat at a convention? I mean, you’ll definitely be the first one spotted in a crowd while you are searching for Adelaide!

Undershirt: Really, any white dress shirt will do. I already had one in my closet!

Cape and Hat: There is pretty much no getting around sewing in this cosplay. Let that sink in as you realize your life is like a boat on a winding river.


If you want to do it the way I recommend, however, it’s not that difficult. You will need to purchase a pattern, however. My first and only recommendation is this Halloween costume pattern (you can also get this in store cheaper) for both the cape as well as the hat. Fortunately they have the pattern for both! Use the pattern for Cape E and then modify it a tad. I personally recommend using denim fabric. Yes, it’s expensive and you might end up spending about as much as you could on a WW2 Navy Nurse Cape like the one Wirt is wearing, but not having to wear a heavy wool cape might be worth it for you. If you use a different fabric, you also maybe able to reduce the price.

Supplies You Will Need:

About 3 1/2 yards of Navy Blue Denim Fabric

About 3 1/2 yards of Crimson Red Denim Fabric

6 Golden Buttons

About 1/2  of Interfacing (thin)

1.) Cut out Pattern E Cape for the Navy Blue fabric.

2.) Cut out the Pattern E Cape for the Crimson Red fabric.

3.) Sew the backs together and then the sides for the Navy Blue.

4.) Repeat this step with the Crimson Red.

5.) Line the Navy Blue and the Crimson Red up and sew them together. Make sure to switch out your thread on your machine so that you have blue on the top and red in the bobbin or visa-versa.

6. Stay-stitch the top of the cape where the collar will go. Disregard the pattern instructions for the collar.

7.) Cut out a rectangular piece of Navy fabric the same length (make sure it’s a little bit longer) across as the cape top and about 3-4 inches tall. Fold over and sew to the top of the cape where the hood should go to make a rectangular collar. You will need to finish up the edges so that it looks crisp.

8.) Measure out and lay down the buttons. Sew them onto the cape. Here are some instructions on how to add buttons to fabric.

9.) Once you have the buttons down, measure out the distance you used between two buttons. Cut a long rectangular strip longer on either side of navy fabric. You will need to sew the edges inward so that it looks crisp and then cut button holes. There is also an easy guide on how to sew buttonholes. I’m impatient and so I did mine by hand rather than use the machine.

10.) Cut out the Hat Pattern in Crimson Red fabric from the same Cape Pattern package but only the triangle shape. Cut out the same shape in interfacing. Sew the interfacing to the red fabric first. Sew in the round edge and then sew the sides together with interfacing facing out. Flip inside out and you should have your cone hat!


Alternative Cape/Hat: There are ways to get around having to sew for this one. It means having to hunt around Ebay for a WW2 Navy Nurse Cape Navy and Red. Sometimes you can find one cheaper like under the typical $100 (above) range but it might need serious TLC. This cape needs buttons added so there would be some sewing involved while there are others in the $100 range in good condition (below) A lot of these you would have to paint the buttons gold for. I spend hours searching for any other version of this cape you can purchase, but this is as close as I could come.



You can buy the red gnome hat on this Etsy page for a pretty reasonable price!

Wig: If you don’t have Wirt’s hair then I recommend a wig like this one since Epic Cosplay has great ones. I ended up getting the wig a tad too light, so I recommend instead going with Dark Brown as your color choice.


Suspenders: I won’t leave you in suspense for long! I got suspenders just like these ones. I recommend staying away from pure black as Wirt’s are black but are thin almost completely nonexistent

Pants: Some charcoal colored pants should do just fine! I found mine at Walmart but there’s also this one I found online.I bought a pair of these pants like these and think they are nice quality.

Shoes: I found my dress shoes in a thrift store and they were just simple black dress shoes like these.

Makeup: Watch my cosplay video if you need help with the slight bit of makeup you might need.

And once you are done you should be a perfect Wirt! Go show off how much better than Jason Funderberker you are! Okaay… Yeah, no one is better than Jason Funderberker. How does he do it?!

Which character do you want to see featured next? Leave a comment below with a suggestion and I will see what magic I can work for you!