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No Sew Cosplay: Chara from Undertale


It’s me. Chara.

Contacts: Consult your eye doctor first. If you have a zero prescription for contacts, I would consider adding red contacts to this cosplay as it would look fantastic. I will not be linking contacts ever. Again, consult your eye doctor.

Sweater: What you will need for Chara is a green sweater with a yellow stripe. Unfortunately, chances are that you won’t find one already made up. That’s easily solvable, however as long as you have a green sweater. You could, of course, sew a yellow stripe across but you can also use fabric paint (I recommend Tulip) and paint in the stripe. Make sure you give yourself a straight line by marking off areas you don’t want to paint or lightly marking it with a fabric pencil first. You might have to do several layers of paint between letting it dry. Chara only has one stripe directly across the middle of the sweater. It’s optional to do matching stripes on the arms as well.


Shirt: I’ve seen some cosplayers use a brown polo shirt underneath of the sweater to represent the brown pixels under Char’s neck. This piece is definitely optional, as you only see the collar poking up from underneath the sweater anyhow.


Pants: Most depictions of Chara seem to show them wearing a pair of brown pants/slacks. I’ve seen cosplayers that have done it well also with shorts and leggings, however. Really, it is up to you and you can be very creative with what you have around the house as well to keep the cost lower. That’s the brilliance of this cosplay as the sweater is immediately recognizable.


Shoes: I personally think that the same brown ankle boots that I linked in my article on Frisk would look fantastic for this cosplay. For those unfamiliar, these are the shoes that I linked.



Tips: The best Chara cosplays that I have seen have done something unique or interesting with the concept of the character. Try to add your own spin to the cosplay~ Why not add details such as “dust” from monsters or other sfxs? Go bananas! This is one of those cosplays you can be super creative with.

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Since when were you the one in control?

Video Series Idea: Cosplay Comments and Questions?

Hey Guys! So I had this idea but I need your help to make it a reality. Basically, I’m hoping to do a video series where I cosplay as different characters (the cosplays I have done so far) and answer comments and questions all while in character for the duration of the video. It would be fun and also give me a chance to interact with followers on my blog and other social media.


I need comments and questions in order to make that a reality. So, all you guys have to do from the blog is message me on this posting for any of the following characters. Just make sure to let me know WHICH character it is for. I won’t be able to make a video until I get about 10 comments for a specific character though across all social media, so please share if you want your comment responded to! You can ask multiple characters, but all ten comments for one character can’t be from the same person for varieties sake.

The Characters/Cosplays:

Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo

Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6

Mavis from Hotel Transylvania

Ashley from Until Dawn

Joy from Inside Out

Fionna from Adventure Time

Papyrus from Undertale

Undyne from Undertale

Marinette from Miraculous LadyBug

LadyBug from Miraculous LadyBug 

(Note: If you tweet me these use these hashtags and mention me too if possible… #CallShaggy, #CallHoney, #CallMavis, #CallAshleyUntilDawn, #CallJoy, #CallFionna, #CallPapyrus, #CallUndyne, #CallMarinette, #CallLadyBug)

Yeah, so that’s pretty much it! Hope you guys like the idea and PLEASE share if you want your comment read. =)

Cosplay Tips: Fake Teeth

Holy cow! I was utterly impressed just recently with a company called Dental Distortions, that provides both fake fangs and fake nails to customers. I purchased the Lucius FX Fangs 2.0  for Undyne as that is the next cosplay I am planning for you guys. After messing up the instructions the first time around, I found that the site has clearer instructions with colored photos, all of which is enough to get you back on track if you’re like me and can’t figure out the black and white pictures from the pamphlet given with the rest of the package.If you are looking for fake teeth for a cosplay, these will also not impede your speech, they explain on the site. Let me tell you, they really don’t. I can talk pretty normally in them and this review is me writing it before I even trim the excess plastic molding off to make it even better for my mouth. If Lucius fangs aren’t the ones you are looking for, they also have several other types as well! (Also, I’m not a sponsor, I just love sites like this that provide such awesome services.)

Undertale Undyne Teeth
Lucius Fangs 2.0
Undertale Undyne Cover

No Sew Cosplay: Undyne from Undertale


A-anime is real right!?

Eye Patch: When searching for this cosplay, I was very nervous about the eye patch. I’m currently waiting on mine to come at the moment, but was pleasantly relieved that this eye patch is supposedly perfect. Why do I say that? There is a review on it saying that someone used it for their Undyne cosplay and loved it! THANK YOU UNDERTALE FANS. We are slowly taking over the economy. NYEH HEH HE- Anyways…


Teeth: Scarecrow fangs weren’t going to be fun to use here at all. I heard an Undyne cosplayer say at Holiday Matsuri that they used Werewolf Teeth, but I could not locate any that didn’t look horrible in my opinion (hers were awesome, by the way). Finally, I stumbled across this website called Dental Distortions Inc. Reviews on the website are positive, and you can pay with Paypal to be more secure in your transaction. The teeth are customize-able as well so upon receiving them and using the instructions they will be perfect for your mouth and be reusable.


Jacket: You could probably get away with a variety of different jackets for Undyne, or go with her black tank top version which you won’t even need this article for. However, I liked the look of this bomber jacket (as well as the price. Also… It’s the same jacket as Sam’s from Until Dawn!).


Undershirt: I don’t think you could really go wrong here when it comes to an undershirt. I personally am going to go with a white t-shirt when I do this cosplay, however to me the sprite looks more like she is wearing a turtleneck shirt.


Pants: I would reduce the cost of your outfit here and simply use some blue jeans for this portion. It’s hard to tell what Undyne is wearing pants wise anyhow.


Shoes: In all of her sprites, Undyne’s shoes are red with a slight gold trim. You probably don’t have to worry about the trim, but I found these slouch boots that I really liked the looks of. These are “over knee high” in the description but I think even if you go taller with her boots they will look nice.



Watch this awesome video on how to do Mermaid Ears with liquid latex and a few other small supplies such as wire and powder!

You could also potentially do Webbed Fingers, though I’m not sure about the longevity. I will be attempting this in my cosplay and will let you know!

Makeup and Wig: Personally, I am a huge fan of Epic Cosplay’s wig so, I think either this wig in Bright Red or Dark Red should be good.


Also made this tutorial video:


NGAH!! *Undyne suplexes a boulder just because she can*

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