Cosplay DubSmash Compilation #3


Video Series Idea: Cosplay Comments and Questions?

Hey Guys! So I had this idea but I need your help to make it a reality. Basically, I’m hoping to do a video series where I cosplay as different characters (the cosplays I have done so far) and answer comments and questions all while in character for the duration of the video. It would be fun and also give me a chance to interact with followers on my blog and other social media.


I need comments and questions in order to make that a reality. So, all you guys have to do from the blog is message me on this posting for any of the following characters. Just make sure to let me know WHICH character it is for. I won’t be able to make a video until I get about 10 comments for a specific character though across all social media, so please share if you want your comment responded to! You can ask multiple characters, but all ten comments for one character can’t be from the same person for varieties sake.

The Characters/Cosplays:

Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo

Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6

Mavis from Hotel Transylvania

Ashley from Until Dawn

Joy from Inside Out

Fionna from Adventure Time

Papyrus from Undertale

Undyne from Undertale

Marinette from Miraculous LadyBug

LadyBug from Miraculous LadyBug 

(Note: If you tweet me these use these hashtags and mention me too if possible… #CallShaggy, #CallHoney, #CallMavis, #CallAshleyUntilDawn, #CallJoy, #CallFionna, #CallPapyrus, #CallUndyne, #CallMarinette, #CallLadyBug)

Yeah, so that’s pretty much it! Hope you guys like the idea and PLEASE share if you want your comment read. =)

No Sew Cosplay: The Stranger from Until Dawn


So, you wanna be that Flamethrower guy also known as exposition man? Sweet.

Check out Ianbrettcooper’s version of this article, here!

Beanie: The Stranger is wearing a ribbed grey beanie like this one here. Pretty straight forward! Fortunately, this one has tons of good reviews as well.


Goggles: When I saw The Stranger’s goggles, I was instantly reminded of a lot of steampunk gear. Of course, I think his are actually supposed to be practical welding googles to protect his eyes versus being used for dress-up. While these are pretty easy to find, his are also tinted yellow to almost brown. Fortunately, you could get a pair of steampunk goggles and simply switch out the tint. You might not want to go shooting real fire with those on though… When first appearing in the game, The Stranger has these one, but when talking to the group of survivors, he has these around his neck.


Bandanna: The Stranger is wearing a bandanna when he first emerges in the game, masking much of his face and giving him the appearance of being sinister. Of course, the first one I found that was close is impossible to tell the full pattern… I’m not sure if this one is the same. Worst case, a darker colored one could be used and tied to your neck.


Necklace: It looks like The Stranger is wearing a Native American Dream Catcher Pendant necklace like this one. This one has an Eagle on it, however, which is not on The Stranger’s version. If you want a plain Dream Catcher pendant, you could always replace the chain with a black rope one instead. I’d also add a few more beads to either side as well.


Jacket: Flamethrower Guy is wearing a long green jacket that reaches almost all the way down to his knees. Keep this in mind when you are looking at jackets. A jacket like this one (top picture) would work nicely, though make sure you get sizes higher than you need in order to reach the correct length. This one (bottom picture) also seems to have the length.



Sweater: The sweater that The Stranger has on baffled me at first. I couldn’t figure out what it was until I learned about a sweater with a shawl collar thanks to Ian’s article. This is most likely what he has on, since the fabric is bunched up at the neck. Though his is maroon in color, the one I liked the most was more of a brown with a speckled, heathered, pattern. Plus the maroon one I found was only available in a size small.

Gloves: It’s safe to say that the Flamethrower Guy is most likely wearing flame resistant black gloves.

Flamethrower: Of course, lugging around a real flamethrower is… Well, bound to get you in trouble of some sort at a convention. Instead, there are videos online that can show you have to make a flamethrower prop yourself. Always make sure to read the regs and guidelines of a convention before going, so you adhere to them.

Belt: If you don’t already have one, you’ll need a brown belt.

Pants: I think that The Stranger might be wearing something along the lines of tan tactical pants like these ones which makes sense given the bagginess and the line across the knee area? To cut on cost, you could probably get away with a pair of normal tan pants or work pants.


Boots: The Stranger is wearing a pair of black snow boots which appear to have laces though I honestly had to replay videos from the game repeatedly in order to tell that.

Makeup: There are plenty of awesome makeup artists that have videos showing you how to make it look like your eye is blind and scared over. You can skip the other elements of the video that don’t apply. Just customize! Also tutorials on how to make it look like you are missing teeth.

Now, just don’t lose your head!

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No Sew Cosplay: The Psycho from Until Dawn


Don’t you know I can smell you? I can smell your fear…

Overalls: Every great psychopath needs a good ol’ pair of overalls. Whichever ones you go for, I’d make sure that they are not stark blue or new looking at all. In fact, going with a pair of stonewashed overalls is probably the best. You can use some sandpaper to create some holes in the material and using a brush, splatter some stage blood on the overalls for authenticity.


Work Shirt: The Psycho is wearing what looks to be a work shirt. Kind of matches with the fact that they are already wearing overalls and work gloves. One like this shirt here should also have that same washed out look. The Psycho wears his sleeves rolled far back, a little bit past the elbow.


Undershirt: I never noticed this before, but the shirt that The Psycho is wearing is a brown polo shirt. It makes sense that this would be the shirt he was wearing if you… Know who he is. Which is awesomeee. Nice detail, developers! Once again, the sleeves are rolled up, but a little bit past the sleeves to his work shirt.


Gloves: It’s worth noting that the Psycho has removed anything distinguishing about them on their wrist. You can either get work gloves or go without, though I recommend having them. They are similar to these ones, from what I can tell, in that the thumb and lower half have black portions.

Tool Belt: Jo-I mean, The Psycho, is wearing a tool belt like this one here, full of supplies that they’ve used to scare the living hell out of the other characters.


Shoes: Maybe the Psycho is just a very confused construction worker? Or plumber? Regardless, he’s wearing a pair of brown work boots from the looks of it. To save on money, you might be able to find a pair like these at a thrift shop. I always have good luck with those when it comes to footwear.


Makeup: While there are no real masks out there as of yet that are completed that I know of, there are some awesome makeup artists that have been able to pull off the look. You won’t be able to peal off the mask for an epic reveal, but you’ll prob look ultra terrifying. Oh, this video is also not in English. Sorry! In my travels, I did stumble across an Etsy page advertising a pre-order for Psycho masks… But they are not finished as of yet. Either way, it’s freakin cool.


Did it work? No… No no?! LIVE AND LEARN!

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No Sew Cosplay: Beth from Until Dawn


Oh, my god. What did our naive sister get herself into now?

Beanie: Beth is wearing a white beanie just like the one pictured below. I like that this one has a lot of slouch, according to reviews, which would give you, hopefully, a similar look to how Beth wears her beanie. Of course, it will still depend on your head size, but some customers that bought this uploaded pictures.


Jacket: If you decide to go with the jacket included with this cosplay, make sure you only have one between you and Hannah, obviously. BUT you’ll need a jacket like this one.


Sweater: Beth’s sweater has a lot of texture to it because it is a knit. You definitely want to make sure you capture that with whichever sweater you purchase. Hers also a very wide neck. I personally love this one but it’s a tad light in color. It does have great reviews though. This one (pictured below) is pretty darn perfect though. Keep in mind that she keeps her sleeves rolled up almost all the way to her elbows.



Black Tank Top/Strap: You can tell that Beth either is wearing a black bra underneath of her sweater, or she has a black tank top with spaghetti straps.

Bracelets: Beth actually has a total of three bracelets. On her right hand she is wearing a statement bracelet. Since we don’t know what it says, you really could get any statement bracelet and it’ll work. On her left hand, Beth is wearing two bracelets. She has on a green to teal beaded bracelet and a brown bracelet with silver beads on it.



Ring: Beth is wearing a regular silver band on her right ring finger.

Pants: For some strange reason, Beth is wearing a pair of very tight fighting yoga pants while out in the snowy woods. Sounds smart. Maybe her and Sam have the same sort of fashion sense? You should be able to get away with yoga pants like these, despite the large logo, since the branding will be covered up by your boots anyhow.


Shoes: Beth’s beige snow shoes are very similar to Jess’ after the time skip. I think that these ones would work nicely.


Now, hang in there! We have one more Until Dawn cosplay left to go!


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No Sew Cosplay: Hannah from Until Dawn

Until Dawn™_20150825132301

I am such an idiot… I was so dumb. I almost forgot about Hannah and Beth!

Well, all you have to do is get some makeup and make yourself look like this.


Makeup: There are actually makeup tutorials out there for making yourself look like a Wendigo! I found this awesome one below.

Just kidding. Maybe. Maybe you could merge the regular Hannah outfit with the Wendigo makeup? I think that would be the coolest thing ever. Anyhow, moving on.

Glasses: I liked how these cosplay glasses (pictured below) that I found look like real glasses and are also a bit oversized. The cool thing is that a lot of pictures are up showing what they look like on the customers so it’s easy to get a judge if you like them. If you want to go a bit cheaper though, they have clear lens glasses like these ones that would also work.


Locket: Hannah wears a golden locket when she appears in the game, and has this locket all the way down into the mines. You don’t really have to worry about spending a fortune on this, but a locket like this should work nicely.


Jacket: For a very brief period of time, Hannah is wearing Beth’s jacket (top picture). I’m not sure if this might make the cosplay more recognizable. I also found this jacket (bottom picture), which is probably the better of the two options, but I liked the fact that the first had the zipper black like theirs.



Shirt: Hannah’s shirt is pretty specific. She’s wearing a brown, v-neck cut button up shirt. The sleeves are lace and the bottom half has two decorative patches that look almost like small mini pockets. So, of course, the very first thing I found was a pretty perfect shirt with lace but with no buttons. I also stumbled across this shirt (top picture), which at least has the correct look, though the sleeves aren’t lace and it’s missing the bottom pockets. Finally, I also found this one (bottom picture), which is sheer and actually black, so you would have to wear something underneath. I’m really not a huge fan of any of the choices, so I personally would go with the pink jacket.

Until Dawn™_20150825132330



Pants: Hannah is wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans. If you don’t already have a pair like this, then a pair like these ones here should do nicely.


Shoes: There are really not a lot of opportunities to see Hannah’s shoes. I honestly could not tell even going back and rewatching chapter 1 over and over. Whatever type of shoe she is wearing, they appear to be brown and a bit tall; at least past the ankle. Probably boots, given where they are. I really liked these ones personally, though something simple like these could work since we don’t really know.

Nails: Hannah actually also has her nails painted, which is visible while she is on the cliff with Beth.


Tattoo: Though it’s not visible under her layers of clothing, Hannah has a butterfly tattoo on her right shoulder. Maybe if you did some merge between Hannah and her Wendigo self, you could incorporate this into it for recognition. Be creative when it comes to Hannah especially if you are not in a cosplay group.


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No Sew Cosplay: Mike from Until Dawn


Whoa, easy there, cowboy!

It’s hard to decide between Mike’s outfit choices, but ultimately, I think that the outfit he has at the end of the game is the most recognizable. Here, I decided to real quickly go over both, since it wouldn’t make the article too long.

Vest: When Mike first appears, he is wearing a blue vest that buttons up in the front. This is pretty easy to find and you really won’t have to spend a fortune on it. Thank goodness for another member of the crew that doesn’t have expensive taste. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Chris. Now, you don’t need this piece at all if you are doing Mike’s second outfit. You will, however, need the hoodie that goes with it.



Hoodie: It actually didn’t take me that long to find a hoodie that might work for this. I say “might” because, unfortunately, the seller doesn’t show the other side of the reversible hoodie at all, so it’s difficult to tell if the entire reverse side with the pattern we need is continuous or not. Fortunately, I found an alternative (pictured below) after a little bit of searching. Again, you don’t need this piece if you are doing Mike’s second outfit but you will need the vest that goes along with it.


Air Force Jacket: In the second half of the game, Mike is wearing a green Air Force jacket. I’ve seen people call this a combat or army jacket, but I think that the logo that he has on the jacket is closest to the Air Force logo. I could be wrong, however. Regardless, this jacket is super close to what you would need. I found this exact same one cheaper on Ebay as well. Of course, this jacket is older so you want to probably rough it up. I found this wikia article on how to make clothes look old and worn. 



Undershirt: No matter which outfit choice you decide to go with, Mike is wearing a white tank top underneath. Now, this won’t be visible for the first outfit, but with the second, he’s gotten it dirty, sweaty and just altogether gross by this point. You don’t need to start running a marathon before each convention though, hopefully. There are enough sweaty people in the gaming rooms, typically. Instead, there are ways to make your clothing look dirty.


Pants: For jeans, Mike is wearing a pair of regular fit jeans. They seem to have some fade on them by the end of the series.

Shoes: I nearly forgot about Mike’s shoes. Mike seems to be wearing brown boots like these ones.

Fingers: If you want to go for that look like Mike has after his… Machete accident, well, that’s actually feasible! I found an awesome video tutorial that someone did showing you how to make it appear like you sliced off a finger. This person is absolutely amazing! You could also simply wrap your hand with a bandage after applying some stage blood to it, to make it appear like your fingers were chopped. They use stage blood like this.

Makeup: If you want to go for that beat up Mike look, you can follow some videos on how to give yourself a look like you have a black eye or scratches on your face.


Jesus, hot sauce, Christmas cake, this is unbelievable… Now you look like Mike!

And now, you and Wolfie are good to go kick some Wendigo butt!


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No Sew Cosplay: Emily from Until Dawn


At least I can think. 4.0, B-, Honor Roll.

Jacket: I had a feeling going into this one that Emily’s outfit would be expensive. While searching for her jacket, I found out how difficult it is to find a jacket that has trim on the collar, sleeves and bottom. This jacket (top picture) was the nicest one, by far, that I found in my searches but it is pricey beyond belief. I’m not quite sure why it’s so difficult to find a jacket with the fur trim also on the bottom, but, of course, I kept only finding ones with black fur  like this one on Amazon. Finally, I turned to Ebay and found some listings like this one. The interesting thing about this last jacket, is that the pocket styles are reversed from Emily’s with the zipper ones on top and the flap pockets on the bottom.


Sweater: Hopefully you don’t have to spend $600 on your own sweater to match Emily. You could probably easily get away with having a ribbed turtle neck like this one (pictured below) but this is not exactly what Emily has on. She has a sweater with a ribbon on the bottom trim. I honestly wouldn’t worry about this too much though you could maybe get some metallic ribbon and use some fabric glue to attach it if it really bothers you. Though something with a thick bottom trim like this one could also work. This is also a part she rips off while in the mines though, so, again, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


Necklace: Emily is wearing an teardrop shaped pendant necklace on a silver string. It’s hard to tell what color it is, however, so plain silver should work.

Rings: Emily is wearing two different rings. One with a red teardrop or oval shape and another silver ring.


Pants: Emily’s outfit gets easier when it comes to her pants. She is only wearing some slim fitting black jeans, in fact. Hopefully you’ll already have a pair of these in your closet to help cut the cost down.


Shoes: Emily is wearing a pair of lace up snow boots like these ones here.



Nail Polish: Emily wears darker purple nail polish.

Now, hang in there, Emily!


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No Sew Cosplay: Matt from Until Dawn

I’m thinking…! Let me think…

Varsity Jacket: Probably the most unique thing about Matt’s outfit, he is wearing a blue varsity jacket with the letter ‘M’. Fortunately, this was not nearly as hard to locate as I had originally anticipated. Not so fortunate is the price that it’s listed at on Amazon. The good thing is you can probably easily find this item on Ebay for a lot less, like this listing that I found.


Under Jacket: Matt seems to be copying Chris’ style a little bit and is wearing what appears to be a jean jacket under his varsity jacket as part of the layering to keep warm in the mountains. I’m leaning toward saying that this wouldn’t be a crime to not get as a piece for the cosplay, especially when the outer jacket is so costly, though it won’t look 100%. But, if you do add this detail, than one like this should be perfectly fine.


Sweater: Under his two jackets, Matt is then wearing a turtleneck grey sweater just like this one here. The good thing is that the price is reduced on this one.


Pants: Matt is actually wearing a pair of grey sweatpants with the number ’24’ on them. And, of course, these would be the hardest thing to find ever. But instead, you could do something a tad bit different and get regular grey sweatpants like these ones here (pictured below) or even these ones (fortunately they at least have the white stripes on the sides) and find some number patches to simply iron on in the correct spot. Just make sure that you are ironing them on the correct side, which would be on the top right of Matt’s pant leg.



Shoes: It’s hard to tell details on shoes for the characters in Until Dawn. Fortunately, Matt’s are a tad easier than most others to see in the game. It looks like he is wearing black snow shoes like these ones here.


Now all you have to do is act macho as much as possible and you should do a great job as Matt.


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No Sew Cosplay: Josh from Until Dawn


Let’s make this night memorable and party like we’re p-

Just Joshing yah.

Beanie: Though he doesn’t wear his winter outfit for long, since the others have all their clothing options, I figured I should delve into Josh’s. I don’t think you need the beanie or the vest to complete this cosplay, but it’s an option for you nevertheless.  Fortunately, a beige beanie is not that hard to find. I particularly like this one, because it has some chunky knit portions in it that kind of capture the ones that Josh has, even if they are going horizontally instead of vertically.


Vest: Wearing a Khaki Winter Vest like this one originally, Josh has this on only for the beginning when he is first introduced. You could definitely get away with not having it, as I said with the beanie, but it also does not detract from the cosplay really, since you can still see the bottom layers that Josh wears pretty clearly. Fortunately, either way this piece is not all that expensive!


Shirt: Josh’s more trademark piece for his outfit is his grey plaid shirt. The real main thing about this is to make sure that, no matter what, you’re getting a one that has long sleeves or it definitely won’t look right. I also liked this one almost a bit more but didn’t like the price as much. You want to make sure you have this unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up past the elbow.


Polo: Josh wears a dark grey or brown long sleeve polo shirt like this one or this one here. This one doesn’t have any reviews yet but is well priced. You want to have the sleeves rolled up to just a little bit below the elbow.


Bracelets?: Josh appears to be wearing two bracelets on his right wrist though it is super hard to get a good look at what they are exactly. Since we don’t really know exactly what they look like you could do something like get this two pack of bracelets, wear some of your own, etc. This one, however, might be closer to what Josh is ACTUALLY wearing, since his seems to have some sort of amulet or inscription in the center of one.


Pants: Josh is wearing darker blue jeans that have a regular fit. If you don’t already have a pair, then some like these should be good. What is with no one in this game wearing enough clothes for their legs in the snowy mountain tops? I’d freeze to death.


Shoes: I went back and rewatched playthroughs of the game to see if I could figure out what type of shoes Josh is wearing, besides in the later part of the game. Unfortunately, there are not very clear scenes where his shoes are in shot. He seems to be wearing just plain black shoes.

Now give yourself a high-five!


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