No Sew Cosplay: Jess from Until Dawn


I didn’t really figure you for the glass half empty type…

So, we’re going to try to finish all of the Until Dawn characters!


Hair Ties: Fortunately, you can get a large pack of purple hair ties for pretty cheap like these ones here. You’ll need two dark purple hair ties for Jessica’s braids.


Jacket: The hardest piece to find for Jessica’s outfit, the jacket offered some real challenges for me mainly due to the color and sleekness of the jacket. The first I was able to find was this one (top picture). My real issue was that the material is not all that rain resistant like Jess’ and the patches are on the chest, versus Jess’ jacket which has them on the sleeve. Finally, I stumbled across this utterly perfect jacket. Unfortunately, the price tag isn’t so perfect. I personally try not to hurt my wallet so much, so the first jacket might be the best choice. Either way, make sure you’re getting a smaller size so that the jacket at the bottom is riding on your hips as much as possible. Jessica’s is super short, after all. This is still yet another alternative, though I didn’t like how light blue this jacket was so I dismissed it.




V-Neck Shirt: Jessica wears a very low cut v-neck purple shirt under her jacket. The shirt must be pretty short as well on her because you don’t see it poking under her jacket. I would probably go with a short sleeve shirt unless you are cosplaying in the winter time. No reason to be drenched in sweat on the convention floor if you can avoid it.


Undershirt: Jessica wears a very short, and tight, white t-shirt with a v-neck that is not as deep as her purple shirt. Fortunately, the shirt I linked already runs small and pretty thin, which is pretty much exactly how Jess’ shirt really is. Because the fabric is kind of thin though, make sure you are wearing white undergarments like Jessica.


Ring: She wears a metal ring with a plain band on her middle finger to her right hand.

Pants: Jessica wears some pretty low cut dark jeans. If you don’t already have these, then you could purchase ones like these. They are noticeably darker blue than the jacket that she is wearing.


Boots: Fortunately, there are a lot of scenes where you get a chance to see Jessica’s boots which made the search a lot easier here. Unfortunately, right off the bat the perfect boots that I found were super expensive. If you don’t mind going slightly off color and style you could get these instead (pictured below) which are a heck of a lot cheaper. If you really want to get that style where she has indents three or four times going up, you could tie a string really tightly to the boot perhaps to get that same look?



Nails: Jessica wears a dark pink almost purple shade of nail polish like this color.

Makeup: This video I found shows how to make a bronzey smokey eye like Jessica’s makeup.

And now, no one should be able to get in the way of you and what you’ve got going on!


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No Sew Cosplay: Chris from Until Dawn


You asked, and you shall receive.

Boom. Butterfly effect!

Glasses: Nerdy black glasses are fortunately very easy to find and these ones have good reviews to boot. The pictures I saw of customers wearing them also show that they are about the right size and shape to Chris’ glasses.


Outer Jacket: It turns out that Chris has some pretty expensive taste. The jacket that he is wearing is a fur hooded parka jacket, which typically can cost a pretty penny. I found this one which just so happens to be half the price that it used to be, at least. It’s still not cheap, however, and will probably be the most costly piece of the cosplay if you choose to add it. That’s right, you don’t have to get Chris’ jacket to pull off this cosplay as he is shown in the game off and on wearing it. I did turn my attention to Ebay to see if I could find one for less. Though it’s not as good of quality, this one is a lot less but it’s difficult to tell if the entire lining is orange/yellow which could affect how good the cosplay looks.



Cardigan: Once again, Chris shows off the fact that he is a nerd with some cash to spend on his wardrobe. He’s wearing a zip-up cardigan like this one. The main issue I have with this cardigan is that, looking at the details, Chris’ cardigan actually has a chest pocket as well as shoulder and elbow pads like this sweater (note this one has no zipper which is important for the cosplay to have). This will not be noticeable if you have on his jacket, of course, but will be once you take it off or if you forego the jacket entirely. Fortunately, they are smaller details that I think you can get away with not having and still pull the cosplay off. You want to wear this with the zipper far down.


Jacket: How many layers does this guy have, exactly? Jeez, Chris. Share a jacket with Ashley or something will yah? It appears that Chris is wearing yet another jacket under his cardigan. This time, it’s a jean jacket though like this one. It’s hard to tell what color it is but it appears to be either light blue or a medium blue. You want to leave the jacket unbuttoned all the way down, and the fabric poking out from under the cardigan if possible.



T-Shirt: Interestingly enough, I don’t think there was ever a time in the entire game that we actually see the detail of the white t-shirt that Chris is wearing. So, whatever it says exactly is not clear. Some of what we can see are the letters ‘c’ and ‘h’ in that order. There is also a bit of font underneath. In trying to search for details on Chris’ shirt, I stumbled across this site that offers Until Dawn t-shirts. They have some white shirts and one even has a bubble with #theresafreakinghostafterus! Unfortunately, I couldn’t locate any real details on what his actual shirt says. So, either you could go with a white t-shirt that is completely plain or get one similar.


Watch: Chris is wearing a regular black watch like this one. If you don’t have one, I’d just worry about getting a cheap one and don’t fret about the details too much as it will mostly be under your cardigan anyhow.

Pants: Nothing special here, thank goodness. Chris is wearing a normal pair of blue jeans. Fortunately, this can help cut some of the cost down of the cosplay if you already happen to have a pair of jeans. If not, get the cheapest pair that you possibly can to help offset the rest. I would make sure to keep it on the darker side though.

Shoes: Chris wears brown to black ankle boots like these ones. You might also be able to find these at a thrift store, to offset more of the cost of the jackets. Of course, the only time you really see his shoes is if you step on that branch when you’re with The Stranger. Otherwise, they’re cast in so much shadow that it’s impossible to tell. It almost looks like he might have his socks pulled up as well? Not sure about this detail.


Makeup: This video I found shows you how to make fake bruises, which will allow you to recreate Chris’ bruised forehead as well.


You don’t have to ask a Ouija board if you did a good job or not, hopefully!

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No Sew Cosplay: Ashley from Until Dawn


There’s a lot to love about Ashley and you could look adorable like her too.

Beanie: It surprisingly did not take me long to locate a beanie that works for Ashley like this one. It has smaller stripes than Ashley’s, but overall it should still work. Oddly enough, on a different site with the same brand, they had one with less stripes (pictured below).



Locket: While Ashley is probably wearing an actual locket, silver lockets are not on the cheap side. For instance, this one on the cheaper side is almost $25. That’s when I turn to Ebay for things and found this one.

Jacket: A completely optional piece, Ashley wears a jacket almost like this one while she is outside.I would almost recommend not wearing it, since she spends the majority of the game without it anyway.

Scarf: Again, completely optional, but Ashley wears a two tone scarf like this one just while she is outside. Again, I almost would recommend not wearing this, since her other outfit would be more recognizable. Not to mention, she was also not wearing this or the jacket when she was splashed with blood from Josh (I would definitely do that for the cosplay).


Hoodie: Fortunately, it is not difficult to find a light blue hoodie like this one. I would make sure to keep the cost on this as low as possible, as I would do the version of Ashley where blood was splattered on her, effectively ruining the rewearability of the jacket. I would almost get a size too small so that it it’s long enough to reach down to your waist, as Ashley has a gap between her hoodie and her shorts where you can see her undershirt.


Shirt: Ashley has a long darker red shirt with thumb holes like this one. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find a shirt like that where the sleeve portion is also striped like hers. I think the striped texture in this one would still work well. If you really really can’t stand the slight variation (I’m a stickler for detail) then you could also just get a normal long sleeve red shirt and wear gloves with thumb holes like these.

Ring: Ashley is wearing a ring on her right hand with a green rectangular stone in it like this one. Not the end of the word if you miss this detail, however.

Shorts: Find the shortest shorts in the store and you’re pretty much good when it comes to Ashley. Seriously though… They are SHORT. These should do nicely since they already have the bottom cuff.


Black Belt: You really just need a black belt. Any black belt will do. I found this one on sale at the time of this blog posting.

Leggings: Ashley wears leggings just like Sam but in charcoal color instead of black.

Boots: I personally absolutely adore Ashley’s fur boots. They are ones that I would get a lot of wear with even after the fact. I actually had difficulty finding the right ones for this, however, which surprised me. The ones I found that I ended up liking the most were these ones but the pompoms almost ruin it for me. I’m sure there’s a way to either untie them or snip them off. If those aren’t your size, these work too. 


 Blood Splatter: All you will need is some fake blood, not pig’s blood thank goodness, and to splatter it on your clothes (predominantly on the hoodie). I would definitely take this project outside. Remember, the blood is mostly on Ashley’s left side (the side where Josh was hung). I would load up a paintbrush and flick it to create the effects. Smear some on your face and neck for an added effect.


Now, don’t waste any more time!

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No Sew Cosplay: Sam from Until Dawn

It’s difficult to find good images for Sam, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t attempt this awesome cosplay idea. I’m not going to leave you out in the cold but attempt to help you make her complete outfit!

Towel: All you need is a white towel wrapped around you!

Nah, just kidding.

Hat: This is a completely optional piece, as Sam only wears this in the very beginning of the game while outside in the snow, the hat she is wearing is a Russian one like this one once you remove the mask. This option was the best pricing wise I could locate. I’m positive that the mask is either detachable, or you could just cut it off.



Scarf: Sam wears a textured red scarf like this one. While this one is an infinity scarf, you could still wrap it in a manner to match how she has her scarf. I liked the fact that this scarf wasn’t as huge as another one I found that matched the look and was also better on the budget for the outfit. Though the scarf would also be optional, since she does take it off while inside, I would recommend having it since the red will serve to help identify the character.



Jacket: Wearing a black leather bomber jacket for the beginning of the game, Sam has various pockets on the sleeves as well like this jacket has.


Shirt: Sam wears a purple v-neck shirt like this one and a black lace tank top that we can barely see protruding from the top.

Skirt: While I’ve seen some cosplayers or people linking to skirts for Sam like this one this is actually NOT the same type of skirt that Sam wears and will make the outfit a lot less identifiable, in my opinion. With such a subtle outfit, I would make sure to get as close as humanly possible to the actual skirt. Of course, finding one is easier said than done. I managed to find a similar looking skirt, though the skirt is more ruffled than frilled, on Ebay. I also found this one but it’s too difficult to tell the length (frills seem too close together) and it seems too short so I would go with the first.

EDIT: The listing on the first skirt ended. This one is the closest I could find!

Until Dawn™_20150903210213


Leggings: Pretty simple; all you will need is a pair of black leggings like these ones. Just… Don’t go trouncing out into the snowy mountains in the skirt and leggings because you might freeze to death in your lower region.


Socks: After pausing some shots of the game, I realized that Sam is wearing white socks. If you don’t have white socks that reach up high enough, you could get a pack like this one. Make sure the socks are pulled up a bit outside of the boot.

Shoes: Funny story is that these boots came up on my suggested pages list while looking at the red scarf. I wonder if someone already purchased this outfit or if Amazon is just reading my mind now? If so, I’m a bit worried…


Nails: I am so so thrilled that the internet has things like this. There is actually a video (though it’s not in English) showing you how to paint your nails just like Sam’s!

Makeup: I found another video (not in English) on how to do Sam’s makeup.

And now you should look a lot like Sam! Grab your bat and start hitting psycho’s that you come across.


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Until Dawn Game Theory

Having watched the Until Dawn Let’s Plays from various Youtubers who have played the series including Markiplier, Cryaotic and, yes, even PewDiePie, I have to say that I have probably seen quite a lot of variations on gameplay and endings. I have seen everything from how to kill all 8 characters to how to save everyone and unlock the secret ending with Josh. For those of you who have not yet played the game or watched any playthroughs, please be advised that there are major spoilers ahead!

Of course, with any playthrough, there are points in the game that are the same for everyone. Josh is the psycho, we learn. The Stranger with the flamethrower is actually a good guy fighting in the woods to stop the Wendigo, and the Wendigo are the main monsters that attack and kill characters in the game.

And no matter what you do in the game, The Stranger ends up being killed. Whether you accidentally move and cause the Wendigo to find you or The Stranger shouts for you to run and then you are attacked, there is no changing this. The Stranger’s head is sliced clean off by a Wendigo and Chris is left to fend for himself. But why is The Stranger so easy to kill after all the time he’s spent studying, chasing and capturing Wendigos? It seems that the moment he steps outside his normal routine, he’s gunned down and in such an easy manner that it’s a wonder he’s such an expert on Wendigo in the first place.

1.) Plot: It’s easier on the plot if The Stranger does not survive. Of course, this is an easy way out, but it makes sense that it then leaves the remaining friends on the mountain to figure out what to do on their own, which drives the plot in a new direction. It’s also terrifying to think that someone so skilled like The Stranger could get murdered so easily and escalates the horror you feel when being pursued after that point in the game.

2.) Wolfie: When The Stranger goes to meet up with the friends, he does not take Wolfie with him despite evidence that he travels with them or at least has them around while he is in The Sanatorium. Why he did not take Wolfie or the other wolves with him is not clear, but regardless, he doesn’t have them as an early warning sign that the Wendigo are upon them.

3.) Traveling Together: Up until this point, The Stranger has been fighting the Wendigo alone. That means he was able to only look after himself and be able to keep quiet. There’s no real reason to talk out loud to yourself, after all. So, the minute he begins to talk to Emily and then later meets up with the rest of the gang and travels with Chris to go find Josh, he drops this routine. The Stranger is now talking to Chris and worried about instructing Chris on what to do and not do. This opens him up right there for danger. The Wendigo might also be more active because they know there is a lot of prey on the Mountain at that point, where The Stranger kept himself in check and under the radar as much as possible before.

4.) Getting Old/Rusty: It’s not clear but I think that The Stranger does not spend all of his time up on the Mountain. In fact, the game shows him following the others up via the snow lift. He wouldn’t need to take this if he was spending all his time up in the Mountain fighting off the Wendigo. Therefore, it’s possible that he himself hasn’t been up on the Mountain in a while but returned because he heard that the group was going to be reuniting up there.

5.) A Matter of Time: Anybody that puts themselves in a position to fight the Wendigo is putting themselves constantly in danger. That means that it was really just a matter of time before he made a mistake that could lead to his death; the Stranger just happens to die in front of Chris.

What are you thoughts on this part of Until Dawn? Did you feel that the story would have been better or worse if The Stranger hadn’t been killed?